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The Department of Sociology at Cal State LA is one of the most highly published departments in the University, with publications ranging from collegiate sports to Star Wars. A representative list includes the following:

Kazem Alamdari

The Global Crisis: A Critique of the Clash of Civilizations and Dialogue Among Civilizations, (in Persian), Tehran, Iran: Nashre-Towsea. 2003.

"Terrorism Cuts Across the East and the West: Deconstructing Lewis' Orientalism." Journal of the Third World Quarterly, 24(1), Spring 2003.

Why Iran Lagged Behind and the West Moved Forward, Game Nou and Hashre Towsea, Tehran, Iran 2000.
Julie Albright 
"Women and Computing", Feminist Encyclopedia, 2001.
“Cyborg Cultural Politics in the Age of Hypertext,” 13th Annual European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, 1996.
“Walking the Web: A review of websites for women and computing,” in Feminist Collections, 1996.

Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte 

(With Mercedes Lynn deUriarte), Falling Through the Media Grid: Secondary Narratives in the Definitions of Latino Families” in Till Death Do Us Part: A Multicultural Anthology on Marriage, 1999. 

"It’s Only a Joke: The Stand-up Comedy of Women of Color" in Mediated Women: Representations in Popular Culture, 1999. 

"Opposition to the Hegemony in the Music of DEVO,” Journal of Popular Culture, 1985.

Edward Clarke 

(With Delos Kelly), Deviant Behavior: A Text-Reader, 6th Ed., Worth Publishers, 2002.

Lawrence K. Hong  

"Mystery as Poetry: Suicide as Literary Device: The Works of Seicho Matsumoto," Popular Culture Review, August 2001. 

"Chinese & Chinese Exclusion Act", "China", and "Hong Kong and Taiwan", Encyclopedia of American Immigration.  

"Gender Comparisons in Weight Training for Collegiate Sports," (With Robert W. Duff and W. Stephen Royce), Gender Issues, Fall 1999.

Delos H. Kelly

(With Edward Clarke) Deviant Behavior: A Text-Reader, 6th Ed., Worth Publishers, 2002.  

  Criminal Behavior, 2nd Ed, St. Martin's Press, 1982 

(With David Shichor) Critical Issues in Juvenile Delinquency, Lexington Books, 1980.

Terry R. Kandal

"From Egalitarian Sexual Ethics to Gender Politics? An Evaluation of Michels' Contribution," Introduction written for Sexual Ethics: A Study of Borderland Questions by Robert Michel, Transaction Books, 2002.  

"Gender, Race & Ethnicity: Let's Not Forget Class" in Race, Sex &Class in the World Cultures: An Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Journal, Winter 1995. 

The Woman Question in Classical Sociological Theory, University Press of Florida, 1988.

Janet Lever  

(With RAND colleagues), "Drawing a Probability Sample of Female Prostitutes in LA County," Journal of Sex Research,1999. 

Soccer Madness: Brazil's Passion for the World's Most Popular Sport, Waveland, 1995. 

"Sex Differences in the Games Children Play," Social Problems, July 1976.

Gretchen Peterson
(With Linda Molm and Nobuyuki Takahashi), "In The Eye Of The Beholder: Procedural Justice In Social Exchange." American Sociological Review, February 2003.
(With Linda Molm and Nobuyuki Takahashi), "The Value of Social Exchange," Social Forces, 2001. 
(With Linda Molm and Nobuyuki Takahashi), "Risk and Trust in Social Exchange: An Experimental Test of a Classical Proposition," American Journal of Sociology, 2000. 

Eleni N. Pitsiou-Darrough
"Elders: Victims of Intra-Family Psychological Abuse," in G. N. Christodoulou and B. P. Kontaxakis, eds., The Third Age, BETA Publications, Athens, Greece, 2000.

Jon Snodgrass
Peace Knights: Astronauts of the Soul: Wisdom and Myth in Science Fiction (Agented manuscript, 2001). 
"The Riddle of Life: Comedy or Tragedy" Review of Roberto Benigni’s 1999 Academy Award Winning Film, "Life is Beautiful," On Course Magazine, 1999. 
Follow Your Career Star: Career Quest Based on Inner Values, Kensington, 1996.

Gunnar Valgeirsson

(With Thorolfur Thorlindsson and Runar Vilhjalmsson), “Sport Participation and Perceived Health Status: A Study of American Adolescents,” Social Science in Medicine, 1990. 


Eldon Snyder) “A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Newspaper Sports Sections: A Content Analysis,” International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 1986.  

“On the Sociology of Sport & the Participation of Women in Sports,” Samfelagstidindi, 1984.

K. William Wasson  
(With Nadine Koch), The Transfer Student's Guide to the College Experience, Houghton-Mifflin, Spring 2002. 
A more complete feel for the total range of faculty publications, presentations, and other projects and products can be obtained by clicking on an individual faculty web page.

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