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Before filling in the form below, look over the Spring 2018 weekly Schedule of Classes specifically for the Writing Option:

Spring 2018: Writing Option courses

TVFT Course # Course Name Day Time Room Instructor
TVFT 5110 Immersion: TV/Film W 12-2:45pm TVFM 210 Gordon/Bloom
TVFT 5111 Immersion:TV/Film Practicum MW 3-5:30pm TVFM 115 Wolske
TVFT 5115 Dramatic Structure II: TV/Film M 12-2:45pm TVFM 210 Meyer
TVFT 5133 Development: Film M 9-11:30am TVFM 210 Villalobos
TVFT 5200 Directing: Approaches and Practices M 12:30-3:00pm TA 208/KH5103 Rothman
TVFT 5221 Film Writing: short F 12-2:30pm TVFM 210 Hackel
TVFT 5225 Writer's Workshop: Playwriting Th 12:15-1:30pm TA 208/KH5103 Gonzalez
TVFT 5226 Writer's Workshop: Pilot T 9-11:30am TVFM 210 Villalobos
TVFT 5227 Writer's Workshop: Feature T 12:15-1:30pm TVFM 210 Meyer
TVFT 5265 Acting for Camera (All Options) MW 4-6:30pm MUS 200 Gordon/Bloom/Escovedo


Spring 2018: Writing Option Courses Weekly Schedule


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