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Teacher Training Program/Content Creation Option

CONTENT CREATION OPTION Information and Application for Teacher Training Program

Training Includes:

  • Enrollment in TA 5100 Projects in Teaching (1 unit) during each training semester(s).
  • Attending, observing and participating in the assigned section of the undergraduate required TVFM Department classes, TVF 1200 Introduction Audio, TVF 2000 Introduction to Digital Media, TVF 2010 Introduction to Studio Production. Each class meets 4 hours a week.
  • Students who have acquired certification in specialized training methodologies/techniques such as advanced cinematography (REDucation, Canon Training, etc), ProTools or Media Composer Instructor Certification may also be considered to train to teach the undergraduate equivalent courses. Be sure to include relevant certifications in your application materials and express an interest in training to teach the relevant undergraduate courses.
  • Weekly one-hour meeting outside of the above-mentioned class time, to discuss the pedagogy of the class, the approaches of the Instructor and the progress of the undergraduate students
  • Weekly reading assignments and discussions from Steven Wangh’s book The Heart of Teaching (
  • Keeping an on-going Journal/Notebook that records class activities, observation, questions, notes from the reading assignments and more – to be submitted at the end of the semester as part of the grade for this course
  • Assist the Instructor of the undergraduate TVFM Department course as needed: leading an in-class exercise, reviewing equipment materials, reading submitted written assignments and more.
  • Submit Final Paper that will go towards the grade for this training course.

Teaching Associate Position

Students who successfully complete this training course will be considered for paid positions as a Teaching Associate to then teach a section of the undergraduate TVFM Department courses. 

Apply Here

Applications are currently closed for the current academic school year.  

For questions, please contact the Teacher Training Program Coordinator.