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Webfolios are portfolios on the World Wide Web. The purpose of Webfolios is to assess student learning by integrating technology to an authentic student learning assessment method, that is, portfolios. Incorporating technology into the curriculum to create webfolios not only provides students and faculty with access to the most current resources available through the Web, but also fosters collaborative efforts in multiple learning relationships among students, faculty, and practitioners as they exchange feedback and share ideas and resources.

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Webfolios and Student Learning Outcomes

Webfolios and Assessment

Webfolios and Impact on the Curriculum

In order to develop their own webfolios, students need to master the knowledge and skills required in the course and critically think how they can present the evidence of their learning outcomes.  Putting portfolios on the Web also fosters collaborative efforts among students as they exchange resources and ideas.  Students will be able to demonstrate technology skills and knowledge by creating their own webfolios.  Students will also be able to demonstrate their learning by presenting evidence of competence of the subject using multiple methods from multiple sources.  Students will be able to provide constructive peer feedback to one another and share their resources obtained from the World Wide Web research.  Webfolios also encourage students to be creative and innovative in presenting their portfolios through experimenting uses of a variety of resources available to them.


Portfolios have been widely recognized as an authentic assessment. Webfolios have an additional component to portfolios in that they integrate technology into the curriculum.  Unlike traditional portfolios, webfolios provide easy and convenient access for students and faculty to exchange feedback during the process of portfolios development, when students need them, rather than at the end of portfolios completion.

Implementation of webfolios will have a great impact on both breadth and depth of the curriculum and on student learning. The curriculum and student learning will become more meaningful to faculty and students. Faculty would facilitate student self-learning and evaluate student performance outcomes while students would actively engage themselves in learning and take responsibilities to produce evidence of their learning.
The webfolios may also be used as an authentic student outcomes assessment for the courses offered through distance learning as students are able to share their ideas and feedback. Their work-in-progress webfolios will be accessible to one another through the Web during the entire course period in a learning community created by technology.   The webfolios provide a new perspective on student evaluation where students would learn to experience the synergy of collaborative learning rather than competitiveness experienced during testing or examinations.  By sharing their resources obtained with one another, students become true partners in learning and develop their professional collegial relationships while they are in class.This also will overcome the isolation often felt by the students in distance learning classes.