Cal State LA Advising Policies

Academic Renewal

Removal of Work from Bachelor's Degree Consideration

Under certain circumstances, up to two semesters or three quarters of previous undergraduate course work taken at any college may be disregarded from all consideration associated wi th requirements for the baccalaureate. Neither subject nor unit credit for work taken during the disregarded term(s), even if satisfactory, may apply toward baccalaureate requirements. Detailed information appears below:


  • 5 years must have elapsed since completion of the most recent work to be disregarded;
  • Any previous removal of work from degree consideration must be included in applying the limits on work that may be disregarded;
  • Since completion of the work to be disregarded, students must have maintained the following grade point average at Cal State L. A. at the time of petition:
    • 3.0 for students with 22-44 quarter units completed
    • 2.5 with 45-66 units completed
    • 2.0 with 67 or more units completed
  • There must be every evidence that the student would find it necessary to complete additional units and enroll for one or more additional quarters in order to qualify for the baccalaureate if the request was not approved.

Students are advised that they may file an academic renewal petition if their gr ade point average is lower than C (2.0) either in general education, the major or overall college units attempted (a condition that is preventing them from qualifying for the degree) and meet all above criteria and conditions.


Concurrent Enrollment

CSU Fully Online Courses
The CSU Fully Online Courses program (formely known as "CourseMatch") provides an opportunity for eligible fully matriculated CSU students to enroll in one fully-online course per term offered by another CSU campus. The program is aimed to facilitate access to high-demand, high success courses as part of the continuing effort of providing students with access to the courses needed to expedite graduation. If you are ready to enroll in a CSU Fully Online Course, please visit your MyCalStateLA portal and select the "Cross-Campus Enrollment" link.

Students from other institutions taking a fully online course offered through CalState LA may find additional information on our CSU Fully Online Courses Welcome page.

Visitors Within the CSU:
Students enrolled at any CSU campus may transfer temporarily to another CSU campus in visitor status if they have completed 12 units with a minimum C (2.0) grade point average at the home campus, are in good standing, and are eligible to register in continuing status. Visitors are approved for one term only, subject to space availability and registration priority policies at the host campus. Concurrent enrollment is not permitted during visitor status.

Concurrent Enrollment Within the CSU:
Students enrolled at any CSU campus may enroll concurrently at another CSU campus if they have completed 12 units at the home campus with a C (2.0) grade point average and are in good standing. Concurrent enrollment is approved for a specific term, subject to space availability and registration priority policies at the host campus. Because of overlap in academic terms of campuses on semester and quarter calendars, concurrent enrollment is subject to combinations and conditions described in the concurrent enrollment application forms available at Student Affairs 101.

Credit by Examination

Students in good standing and officially enrolled in one or more residence coursese may challenge coursees by taking examinations developed at the campus. Credit shall be granted to those students who pass examinations that have been approved for credit systemwide. These include the Advanced Placement Examinations, CSU English Equivalency Examination and som eCLEP examinations.

Credit by examination is restricted to undergraduate and graduate courses listed in the General Catalog. Approval of the Chair of the department or division offering the course and an instructor for the course is required. It is without unit limit but does not count as residence credit. Such credit is not treated as part of the student's work load during a regular quarter and therefore does not require approval for excess study load. Grades received by examination are recorded as final grades on the permanent academic record and are designated as earned through credit by examination.

Dual Majors/Minors

Impacted Majors

Supplemental Program Admission Criteria for New and Returning Undergraduate Applicants (Rev. Sept 2013)

Program impaction means that the number of applications from fully eligible students to a designated major far exceeds the number of spaces available in that undergraduate major. However, students can still be admitted to the major if they meet the program’s supplemental admission criteria.

Applicants to impacted programs must indicate an alternate, non-impacted major, on their CSU Mentor admission application to the University. Transfers may not select “Undeclared” as their alternate major. For course equivalencies between Cal State LA and a California Community College, please visit

New freshman students who are not admitted to their selected impacted major may still be considered for admissions to an alternate non-impacted major, or as an undeclared student. Transfer students who are not admitted to their selected impacted major may still be considered for admissions to an alternate non-impacted major.

New and returning applicants must meet both University admission requirements and supplemental program admission requirements for admission consideration in to these programs. (NOTE: Due to campus impaction, applicants outside of the local admissions area must also meet the established campus impaction admission criteria for the desired term.

The following majors/programs are impacted at Cal State LA:

  • Biology
  • Business Administration: Accounting
  • Business Administration: Management
  • Business Administration: Marketing Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Work

For specific information regarding the supplemental admissions criteria for each major, please CLICK HERE.

Repeating Courses

Effective Fall Quarter 1996 students pursuing a baccalaureate at Cal State LA may repeat a course one time for purposes of academic renewal if the grade of record is below a C (2.0 grade points) (including expired incomplete grades), I (expired), or U. This procedure is limited to a maximum of 20 quarter units and to courses taken at Cal State LA. All repetitions must be done at Cal State LA. Students pursuing a second or subsequent bachelor's degree may repeat only courses leading to the present degree objective (not courses used for prior bachelor's degrees) for purposes of academic renewal. In computing grade point averages for graduation with a baccalaureate from Cal State LA, units attempted, units earned (if any), and grade points (if any) for a previous attempt of the same or equivalent course shall be excluded when specific conditions are met. Students are advised that repeating a course under this policy does not result in removal of the original record and grade from the transcripts. However, the earlier grade is disregarded in calculating the grade point average. Additional restrictions on acceptance of repetitions are required in the School of Engineering and Technology and the Department of Nursing. Students repeating courses in these areas must consult with department advisors. In all instances, department/division advisers should be consulted before repetitions are attempted. A petition must be filed at the time a student enrolls in a course to be repeated but no later that the "add" deadline. Forms are available in Administration 409.

Super Senior/Excessive Units

Super Senior Information - Updated January 2016

In the interest of facilitating registration and graduation as we prepare for semesters, please note the following changes to the Super Senior policy:

  • All Super Senior holds have been removed. 
  • Super Seniors are no longer required to meet with a Super Senior advisor prior to registering. Super Senior advisors remain available to help students identify the classes they need to graduate.
  • Super Seniors will register on their own. Your registration date and time can be viewed on GET. 
  • All students are expected to graduate within the required number of units, regardless of the number of majors or minors. It is possible that a student will complete one major and be required to graduate before they are able to  complete the second major or complete a minor. 
  • Super Seniors are expected to complete their remaining requirements in one year or less and to register for courses required by their Academic Plan.
  • Super Seniors are, however, still expected to make progress towards graduation as outlined in the Super Senior policy: 

Super Seniors who are not making progress towards completing remaining requirements as described above will have an administrative hold placed on them and may be put on administrative-academic probation and required to meet with their college associate dean.