Academic Advising & Student Success


Academic advising is central to the educational process. It is a multifaceted academic and academically related all-university function intended to facilitate an experience for students that is both educationally and socially meaningful and successful. Academic advising is a continuous process through which the advisor and student design, evaluate and modify a plan that meets the students’ individual needs, educational objectives and University expectations . . .

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The purposes of advising are:

  • to assist students to maximize the benefits of their educational experience by providing guidance in the selection of curricular programs and courses;
  • to help students become familiar with career opportunities directly and indirectly related to their academic interests and professional ambitions;
  • to acquaint students with campus resources and services, including how these can help meet their educational and personal needs and aspirations;
  • to encourage students to develop the independence and personal skills necessary to make informed judgments about their educational objectives, careers;and
  • to use of campus support systems and other opportunities available on or through the campus.