On-Campus Instructional Activities Protocol

On-Campus Instructional Activities Protocol (IAP)
Download the protocol for reference only
The application will be submitted electronically via DocuSign
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for all personnel.
College Resource Managers are the point of contact for acquiring requisite PPE.


These are considerations for the On-Campus Instructional-based Activities Protocols (“IAP”), taking place at Cal State LA, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Instructional-based activity is defined as an activity that supports Cal State LA’s academic mission utilizing campus premises for instructional purposes, such as instructional video recording, instructional off-campus project kit assembly, and other related instructional activities. All faculty must first discuss any application request with their Department Chair and College Dean before submitting the application.

Risk Management and Environmental, Health & Safety (RM/EHS) and Facilities will need a list of buildings/rooms/spaces that will be used, which will be submitted by department heads.


The protocol and objectives are to:

  • Achieve an orderly and safe instructional-based activity involving operations, personnel, and facilities.
  • Minimize staff exposure to potential COVID-19 cases to the maximum extent possible.


All faculty must first discuss any application request with their Department Chair and College Dean before submitting the application.

The following shall be completed for instructional-based activity consideration:

  1. Complete the RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Course on CSU Learn.

  2. Complete the IAP Application (Attachment B)  and attach certificate of COVID-19 Training.  If the Department Chair and College Dean approve the application, then the requestor will reserve space with University Scheduling.

  3. Schedule a COVID-19: Safety Site Assessment by sending an email to RMEHS@calstatela.edu. A safety site assessment will be confirmed with RM/EHS and Facilities Services within 24-48 hours upon receipt of the email request. The email should include: A copy of your complete IAP application that includes the faculty, department chair and Dean signatures.  The IAP must list all participants, the location (building and room number, a description of the activity, and the specific date/ days/ times of the activity at the location. Additionally, you should attach certificates of the COVID-19 Safety training for all participants identified in the application.  

    a.  Prior to the Safety Site Assessment, the requestor should review and follow the Safety Site Assessment Guidance that identifies what is needed to prepare and comply with the required information identified in the Safety Site Assessment Form.  

    b. Participate in the COVID-19: Safety Site Assessment at your instructional-based activity with RM/EHS and Facilities Services personnel. Upon completion and proof of compliance during the Safety Site Assessment, RMEHS will complete the COVID-19: Safety Site Assessment Checklist (Attachment A) form via DocuSign.  Once this form has been signed by all parties, the requestor will receive an electronic copy with approval signatures and submit this to their College Resource Manager.  The College Resource Manager will upload the document and initial that it has been attached to the IAP application.  Afterwards, the application will move forward to collect the remaining signatures for approval. 

  4. How do I know if my application is complete? The faculty/staff who originated the IAP request will receive an email from DocuSign alerting them that the president has signed the IAP Application and the process is now complete. [Note: Please be sure to check your junk email folder.] 


Prior to the Safety Site Inspection, the requestor should review the form and follow the Safety Site Assessment Guidance.   On the day of the Safety Site Inspection, the requestor is expected to be able to answer all the items on the SafetySite Assessment Checklist (Attachment A).    

Checklisy for Site Asessment
Download Attachment A for your reference - Safety Site Assessment Checklist 


The procedures identified below provide an overview of the steps you will follow in DocuSign to submit an application.

  1. Faculty must enter the information below. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to complete all the information requested, or your application will not proceed to the next stage for approval.

  2. Enter validation code sent to your work email to continue with the application process.

    Validation Code
  3. Enter requested information on application, including your signature. Official Cal State LA email addresses, found in the University's Directory, must be entered in Docusign.

  4. Attach your RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Course Certificate of Completion.
    PLEASE NOTE: A RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Course Certificate of Completion must be submitted for each faculty/staff listed on application.

  5. Once the Safety Site Inspection has been completed and signed, the requestor will send a copy to their respective College Resource Manager who will then upload the Safety Site Inspection to the application.