Drive-thru Distribution and Collection of Materials Protocol

Drive-thru Distribution and Collecton of Materials Protocol and Checklist
This protocol and checklist must be accompanied by an approved on-campus instruction activities application.
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a.     Email:  Facilities Use Manager regarding tentative date(s):  
Tentative dates will be added to campus calendaring share point for operational use. 

b.     Facilities Use Manager will schedule a zoom event coordination call within forty-eight (48) - seventy-two (72) hours after receipt of tentative dates.

c.     Zoom event coordination call will include:

                                               i.     Sponsoring Dept. or organization,

                                             ii.     RMEHS,

                                            iii.     Use of Facilities,

                                            iv.     Public Safety,

                                              v.     Parking and Transportation Services,

                                            vi.     Facilities Services, if needed.


For zoom coordination call, please have the following event information:

a.     Description of materials or equipment being distributed;

b.     Quantity of items;

c.     System in-place for acknowledgement of receipt of materials or collection to or from student;

d.     Anticipated number of vehicles (recipients/ participants) that will pick-up;

e.     Back-up walk-in pick-up contingency plan;

f.      Coordinate equipment for distribution and collection station with Facilities Services, , if needed:   Tables, canopies, etc.

g.     Expected number of onsite staff

h.     Print and post in the pick-up area COVID-19 Safety Signage

i.      Personal protective equipment:  face shields, gloves, face coverings

j.      Physical distancing in distribution area and during delivery

k.     COVID-19 Safety Training for on-site staff at distribution and/ or collection location:

                                               i.     COVID-19 Safety Training for each employee on CSU Learn: RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Training for Employees

a.     Each faculty/staff member must complete the RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Course.

b.   Once you have completed the COVID-19 training, please download a copy of your completed COVID-19 Safety Training certificate.

c.    To download a copy - return to the CSU Learn home page and click on Transcript to access your training record.  Next, click on the diploma icon to the left of the training course to download a copy of your certificate.


Location Total Vehicles
Expected per Day
University Student Union Loop 20 or less
Lot 4 20-50
Lot 2 75-150
Lot 5 150 or more


Items of consideration:

a.     Consider transport/storage of materials and equipment.

b.     Create a traffic loop within the location that allows drivers to enter and exit without crossing traffic or making U-turns.

c.     Multiple stations can be set up to allow more cars in at one time.

d.     Avoid large queue of cars in the street – consider a larger parking lot if you expect many cars at once or consider creating appointment times.

e.     Appointment times – leave enough space between appointments to avoid long waiting times or long lines; create appointments over course of multiple days.

f.      Set up canopies to identify each distribution station and provide coverage

g.     All drivers and students should stay within their vehicles when driving up; for contingency walk-ups a separate station should be created that allows for physical distancing.

h.     Dates should not conflict with any other events on campus or disrupt regular University operations. 

i.      For groups who must distribute on the same day, the locations must take place in different areas of campus.

j.      Coordinate with Parking Services and Public Safety to finalize location for distribution and create traffic plan (based on items of consideration).