Infrequent Campus Visit Protocol

Applications are submitted electronically via DocuSign


Any faculty/staff planning to come to campus for a brief duration (0 - 2 hours) will need to complete this application for approval prior to the campus visit. Completion of the RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Course is required and proof of completion must be submitted as part of the application.  Retain a copy of your certificate for future submissions.  

Please provide 72 hours (3 business days) advance notice for this request.  Weekend visits or visits after 6pm during weekdays are not permitted. 

This protocol is in place to:

  • Maintain an accurate record of who is on campus in the event that LA County asks the campus to begin contact tracing
  • Minimize staff exposure to potential COVID-19 cases to the maximum extent possible

If a vendor and/or contractor needs to perform work on campus, the Department/College responsible for managing the vendor/contractor will complete the Infrequent Campus Visit Protocol application on the vendor’s/contractor’s behalf.  All contractors/vendors will need to complete the COVID-training and provide proof of training to the managing Department/College.  If the campus visit by the vendor/contractor is expected to exceed 2 hours, the Department/College should first contact Emily Acevedo, Assistant Director of Academic and Facilities Planning,, to discuss possible logistical constraints.

For those who do not have access to CSU Learn, please complete this alternate COVID-training. You will be prompted to enter the name of your Department/College contact, which in this case would be your College Dean.  Once you completed the training, please submit the Infrequent Campus Visit Application and attach proof of completion of the COVID Training.  


The procedures identified below provide an overview of the steps you will follow in DocuSign to submit an application.

  1. Faculty must enter the information below. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to complete all the information requested, or your application will not proceed to the next stage for approval.

    Power Form Signer Information
  2. Enter requested information on application, including your signature.

  3. Attach your RM/EHS COVID-19 Safety Online Course Certificate of Completion.