Scheduling Working Group

Cal State LA has achieved enormous positive change in the past several years.  Our enrollment has grown significantly. We have changed from the quarter system to semesters, and in doing so revised our class schedule time grid. Renovations have begun on some of our buildings which took classrooms offline, but has also given us opportunities to shape new classroom design. We have incentivized a range of course sizes and formats, which has increased demand for specific classroom sizes and designs. Our continued ability to serve our campus community depends on our ability to innovate in how we use our classroom resources.

Led by the Vice Provost of Planning and Budget, the Scheduling Working Group will be comprised of individuals with a range of scheduling expertise, including department chairs, associate deans, scheduling office staff, and facilities staff. 


  1. Survey “best practice” research and peer campus policies and practices
  2. Review data on enrollments and current classroom utilization, campus policies, and practices around classroom assignments
  3. Liaise with campus constituencies to solicit and respond to concerns
  4. Propose policies and practices to support student centered classroom scheduling
  5. Identify curriculum issues that impact scheduling
  6. Address campus services related to scheduling      


  • Emily Acevedo, Assistant Director, Academic Facilities and Planning

  • Amy Bippus, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

  • Chameeta Denton, Director, Student Success and Advising

  • Cari Flint, Chair, Department of Communication Disorders, Rongxiang Xu College of Health & Human Services
  • Mitch Fryling, Chair, Special Education and Counseling, Charter College of Education

  • EunYoung Kang, Chair, Computer Science, Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

  • Liliana Lopez, Department Coordinator, College of Business and Economics

  • Kathryn Martinez, Program Developer, College of Professional and Global Education

  • David Olsen, Chair, Communication Studies, College of Arts and Letters

  • Jenelle Roberts, Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Schedule

  • Joni Shimotsu, Space Resource Manager, Facilities Planning and Construction

  • Tony Sinay, Associate Dean, Rongxiang Xu College of Health & Human Services

  • Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Associate Dean, College of Natural and Social Sciences

  • Tricia Trejo, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology