Approved Policies AY 2020-21



Definition of a Graduate Study Load for Purpose of Assigning Veteran Benefits (deletion) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

Characteristics of Master's Degrees Policy (deletion) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

Characteristics of Bachelor's Degrees Policy (deletion) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

Timing of Undergraduate Advisement (deletion) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

The Student Educational Equity Advisory Committee to the Vice President for Student Affairs (deletion) - Chapter II (effective Fall 2020)

Timely Progress to Degree Completion for Undergraduate Students - Milestones and Advising Guidelines (new) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

Policy on Changing Major or Declaring a Dual Major or a Minor (modification) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

Full-Time Unit Load for Graduate Students (modification) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2020)

Evaluation of Permanent Instructional Faculty (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Fall 2020)

Peer Observation of Instruction (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Fall 2020)

Student Input in Academic Personnel Processes (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Spring 2021)



Resolution in Opposition to CSU Chancellor’s Proposed Implementation of AB 1460

Cal State LA Resolution on Land Acknowledgement and Recognition

ASI Resolution on Transparency and Reforming University Police at California State University, Los Angeles



Suspensions, Optional or Exceptions for 2020-21AY

Optional Peer Observations of Instruction for the 2020-2021 AY
Emergency Expansion of Senate representation




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