Associate Vice President - Faculty Affairs Election

Nominees for each committee shall:

  1. possess specific knowledge or relevant experience;
  2. agree that primacy will be given to the importance of the search process;
  3. be available for selection committee meetings on Fridays as well as other times, as needed;
  4. agree to maintain the confidentiality of the entire process.

Subsequent to the establishment of an ad hoc advisory committee, explicit and reasonable criteria for evaluating applicants shall be established in writing by the ad hoc advisory committee.  All applicants for a position shall be judged by the same criteria.

Four tenured faculty members (no more than two from any one college) to be elected by the Academic Senate  from the university at large.

The committee will receive recommendations for the appointment to be filled from members of the faculty and administration.  It will actively and expeditiously seek names of candidates, both on campus and off, and will screen them in order to help find the best persons for the position.  It will be in constant consultation during this process with the President or designee.

The committee will be expected to interview finalist candidates on the campus.  The committee in consultation with the appointing authority shall determine the extent of the interaction candidates will have with the broader campus community, including students and faculty.

The work of the committee shall take place during the fall 2016 semester.

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