Index C


Calendar, curriculum
    Faculty evaluation
    Retention, Promotion Tenure
California Postsecondary Education Commission
California State University
    Academic Senate
California State University Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination
    Policy Statement
    Systemwide Guidelines
California State University, Los Angeles
Campus facilities, policy for use of
    Scheduling use of
Campus Physical Planning Committee (Administrative)
Career Development Program, faculty
Catalog, General
Catalog rules, knowledge of
Center for Career Planning and Placement
Centers, special study
Certificate programs, Academic
    Procedural guidelines
Chairs of standing committees, job description
Chancellor, communication
     Staff, communication with
Chancellor's Executive Council
Chancellor's Office, legal staff
     Communications with
Change of Status reporting
    Disciplinary action, deadline
    Plagiarism, writing
    Request for formal disciplinary action, deadline

Class Time and Makeup Policy, Missed
Classes, absences from first meeting
    Breaks, required
    Enrollment in, through Extended Education
    Exclusion from
    Visiting speakers
    Waiting list policy
Classroom, evaluation of performance
     Lectures and Activities, electronic recording of
Code of Ethics for Student Athletes
College and Library Deans, Associate and Assistant    
College of Arts and Letters
College of Business and Economics
College of Education, Charter
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
College of Health and Human Services
College of Natural and Social Sciences
Colleges, Formation, Dissolution, or Merger of
Collections of Native American Burial Remains
    and Associated Grave Artifacts, Policy regarding

Commencement, attendance at
Committee meetings, schedules
     Access to
Committee policies and procedures
Committee structure, Academic Senate
    Administrative, terms of office for faculty appointees
    Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics
    Academic Information Resources
    Academic Senate, reporting to
    Advisory Committee to the Trustees' Committee for the Selection of the President
    Awards and Leaves
    Campus Physical Planning (Administrative)
    Chairs of standing committees, job description
    Confidentiality of deliberations
    Educational Policy
    Election and appointment to
    Election of officers to
    Executive Committee, Academic Senate, map
    Executive Committee, Academic Senate, constitution
    Executive Committee, Academic Senate
    External Awards Nominating Committee
    Faculty Policy
    Fiscal Policy
    Honors Convocation and Commencement
    Institutional Animal Care and Use
    Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects
    Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Board
    Liaison member from Executive Committee to a standing committee
        responsibilities of

    Liaison member, responsibilities
    Meeting schedules   
    Nominations Committee
    Organizational chart
    Outstanding Professor Awards Selection
    President, reporting to
    President's Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees
    Radiation Safety and Biohazards (Administrative)
    Record of attendance
    Resource Allocation Advisory (Administrative)
    Retention, Tenure, Promotion
        Oral Testimony
    Risk Management and Safety (Administrative)
    Service on
               Strategic Planning Coordination Committee
    Student Educational Equity Advisory Committee to the Vice President for Student Affairs
     Student Policy
    Student Grievance (Administrative)
    Student members, requirements and procedures
    Terms of office for faculty appointees to administrative committees
    University Sabbatical Leave
Communication, Chancellor
     Chancellor's Staff
    Lines of
    President's staff
    University, affiliated groups
    University, personnel and groups
Communications, general information
Communications, policy statement
     Board of Trustees
Communications Board
Communications Board, function
Communications Code
Communications Code, general info
Communications policy statement
Comprehensive examinations
Computer and network policy
Confidential files
Conflict of interest

Conflict of Interest in Faculty Assigned Materials
Consensual Sexual Relations, policy on
Constitution, Academic Senate, CSU
     Faculty, CSULA
Consultation, faculty
Continuing students
     Status of
Contributions to the University, category C
Counselor faculty, permanent
Counselor faculty, temporary
Course materials, timeline for ordering
Courses, College of Professional and Global Education, course, certificate, and degree credit
    Career development credit
    For credit
    Not for credit
Courses, deletion from the curriculum
Courses, field experience, S-factor
Courses, repeating and grade replacement
    grades averaged
Courses, technologically mediated
          Creative Activity Grant Awards
Credit and noncredit programs
    Guidelines for approval
    Enrollment in regular classes through
Credit and no credit grading, undergraduate students
Credit Union
    for examinations
    for knowledge or skills acquired through experience
    Graduate courses
    Transfer work
    Undergraduate students
Credit and no credit grading
Credit/No-credit, and A, B, C/NC policy, all students
    Policy, graduates
    Policy, undergraduates
Cubicles, Library
Curricular policies
Curriculum calendar
Curriculum Subcommittee