Index E


Early Entrance Program
Educational Policy Committee
Educational Services, Institutional grants
Election and appointment to committees
Election of officers of standing committees
Elections, policy on
Electronic mail, policy on privacy of
Electronic recording, classroom, lectures and activities
    Consultative procedure
    Use, police
Emeritus status
Employment, additional assignment
    Additional payment
    Affirmative action plans
    Equal opportunity
    Grants and contracts
    Nondiscrimination plans
    Policies and procedures
    Records of
           Employment, graduate students in instruction
           Employment, nondiscrimination and affirmative action programs
                Guidelines, CSU
    Policy, CSU
English composition
English Placement Test
Enrollment in Degree Credit Granting Classes through the College of Professiona and Global Education
Entry Level Proficiency in Mathematics and English
Equity Statement
    Administrators, faculty perceptions
    Administrators, interdisciplinary programs
     Bases for
    Faculty as administrators
    Permanent Counselor faculty
    Permanent Instructional faculty
    Permanent Library faculty
    Promotion, eligibility criteria
    Retention and tenure
    Temporary and part-time faculty, lecturers
    Temporary Counselor faculty
    Temporary Instructional faculty
    Temporary Library faculty
    Tenured faculty
Evening classes, scheduling of
Examination papers, disposition of
Examinations, credit for
Examinations, university comprehensive
Executive Committee, Academic Senate
Executive Committee, Academic Senate, constitution
Experience, credit for knowledge or skills acquired through
Expression, Freedom of
Extended Education
    Courses for extended education credit
    Courses for credit
    Courses for degree credit
    Courses not for credit
          External Awards Nominating Committee
    Policies and procedures
Extra-institutional relations
Extra quarter assignment
     Compensating quarter off
Extra compensation