Index R


Radiation Safety and Biohazards Committee (Administrative)
Range Elevation Criteria for Temporary Faculty
Readmission, disqualified undergraduate students
Recording of classroom lectures and classroom activities, electronic
Recreational facilities
Recruitment of faculty
Reduced work-time program

Registration policy, Early
Repeating Courses, Repeating Courses for Grade Replacement and Repeating Courses with
    grades averaged
Reinstatement, following automatic resignation
Relations, extra-institutional
Reports, change-of-status, personnel
Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Grant Awards
Research, human subjects
    Policy for proposals requiring certification
Research, Protection against misconduct in
      Handling alleged
Research policies, grants and contracts
     Special leave

Research projects
    Institutional grants
    Other sources of funding
Residence requirement
Resignation, process
Resignation, general info
     Absence without leave
Resource Allocation Advisory Committee (Administrative)
Retention committees
Retired faculty
Retirement, faculty early retirement program, general info
Retirement, faculty early retirement program, plans
Retirement and pre-retirement plans
Retirement and pre-retirement plans, general info
Review cycles, degree programs
Review of administrators, procedures
Rights and Responsibilities, students
Risk Management and Safety Committee (Administrative)