Returning Admits

*If you are a Returning Transfer student, please follow the steps indicated in the New Transfer Admits webpage.

After you receive an official offer of readmission, please follow these important steps to ensure a smooth transition to Cal State LA (click on each section to see more information):

(1)  Submit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit

Once you have made the decision to attend Cal State LA, you must reserve your seat in the incoming class by submitting your $100 (USD) Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD).

  • For Fall admission, the deposit is due by May 1st.
  • For Spring admission, the deposit is due by November 1st. 

For more information, visit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit webpage.

Be Aware: Students are offered admission to a specific major. Once you enroll at Cal State LA, changes of major are limited based on both the admission requirements of the major and Cal State LA's Timely Graduation policy. If you accept the offer of admission, you are indicating that you plan to pursue the major as stated in the admission offer.

(2)  Satisfy the Terms of your Readmission Offer

If you are returning to Cal State LA after disqualification, please make sure you are on track to meet the terms of your readmission as outlined in the readmission petition from your academic department. Failure to do so may affect your subsequent continued enrollment at the University.

(3)  Review your Transfer Credit in GET (if applicable)

If you completed transferable coursework from other colleges, please login to your GET Self-Service Student Center to view your Transfer Credit evaluation.

If any transfer credit is missing, please resubmit an official, final transcript from that institution to the Admissions Office. If you took courses via Cal State LA Open University, you do NOT need to send us a Cal State LA transcript.

To ensure timely transfer credit processing, please submit an official transcript for the missing transfer coursework within 30 days of admission notification. For more information about official academic records, and how to submit them, visit the Submitting Documents webpage.

(4)  For international students:  Apply for your I-20 or SEVIS Transfer

After receiving your admission notification, international students holding, or applying for an F-1 visa will be contacted by the International Programs Office via email with instructions on how to upload their required documents for the I-20 or SEVIS transfer.

To prepare for the process, please have the following items available: (1) copy of your Passport Biographical Page and (2) Financial Sponsor information and a copy of their recent bank statement (or other official letters of financial support/guarantee/scholarship). If you are currently already studying in the US, please also plan to submit: (1) copy of current Visa stamp; (2) copy of I-94; and (3) copy of I-20 or DS-2019, and Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if any.

If you do not receive the instructions email within 2 weeks of admission notification, or if you have any questions about the I-20/SEVIS transfer process, please contact the International Programs Office at (323) 343-3170 or

(5)  Apply for Housing

Living on campus offers numerous opportunities for students to build lifelong friendships, develop as leaders and achieve academic success. Our recently opened South Village housing complex for freshman and sophomore students features tower communities, community lounges, study rooms, a fitness center, and the new, expanded Village Café dining commons. Junior and senior students are invited to consider our apartment community, designed for more independent living. To learn more, visit the Housing and Residence Life webpage.

Be aware: Before you apply for Housing, you must first submit your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD).

(6)  Review the Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid options

The average student expenses will vary from student to student, depending on his/her living arrangements and individual needs. For the estimated cost of attendance at Cal State LA, visit the Cost of Attendance webpage, and select the appropriate academic year. For specific information on tuition and fees, visit the One-Stop Financial Services-Student Fees webpage, and select the appropriate term.

To assist with these costs, financial aid is available to eligible students. If you have not already done so, please submit the FAFSA (or the CA Dream Act) application.  The priority application deadline is March 2nd of the current year, for the following academic year. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid webpage. If you are a CA Dream Act applicant, please also submit the CA Nonresident Tuition Exemption for Eligible High School Graduates (AB-540) form, with supporting documentation, to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

(7)  Attend a Golden Eagle Orientation and Advisement Session

Returning undergraduate students are required to attend Golden Eagle Orientation to prepare for the return to the University, including academic advisement and help with first term class registration.

Additional information will be sent beginning in mid-April for Fall admission, and in November for Spring admission, to students who have accepted the offer of admission. Orientation sessions for fall admitted students will take place over the summer; and for spring admitted students, they will occur in December.

For more information about orientation, visit the Golden Eagle Orientation webpage.

(8)  Review your GET To Do List and Stay Connected

  • The Office of Admissions and Recruitment will send communications to the "preferred" email address as indicated in your GET Student Center. You may update your contact information in GET
    • The Center for Student Financial Aid and other campus offices will send messages to your Cal State LA email address so it is important that you also regularly check your campus email mailbox.
    • To view emails sent to you from key student services offices, you may also view the Communication Center located on the top right of your GET Self-Service Student Center.
  • Please remember to regularly check your email and GET Self-Service Student Center To Do List. Once in the To Do list, click on the "To Do Item" name for more details, including the name of the specific school for a required transcript.
  • For instructions on how to log in to GET, visit the GET webpage.

(9)  Activate your myCalStateLA ID & 2-Step Verification

After you accept our offer of admission, please activate your myCalStateLA ID and then sign up for 2-Step Verification. This is different from your GET login information. Once you have your myCalStateLA ID and password, you may begin to use your myCalStateLA portal and campus email. 

Be aware: The Office of Admissions and Recruitment will continue to send communications to the "preferred" email address indicated in your GET Student Center, which may not be your Cal State LA email address. However, other Cal State LA offices will send messages to your campus email address. If your preferred email is not your Cal State LA email, please regularly check both your preferred and campus email mailboxes.

(10)  Request use of a Preferred First Name (if applicable)

Cal State LA recognizes that some students may wish to use a Preferred First Name, other than their legal name, to identify themselves. The University acknowledges that a Preferred First Name can, and should be, used where possible in the course of university business and education. Information for students requesting a preferred first name is available on the University Registrar website. Please take a moment to review this webpage, and see if using a Preferred First Name is right for you.

(11)  CSU COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

The California State University (CSU) requires the COVID-19 vaccination for enrollment. To verify your vaccination status or to request a medical or religious exemption, please log into the MyCalStateLA portal to access the COVID-19 Student Self-Certification module in the Student Health Center Patient Portal. For detailed instructions on how to complete the process, see the COVID-19 Student Self-Certification Instructions on the Student Return to Campus website. For more information, visit the Cal State LA Health Watch webpage.

Additionally, the California State University (CSU) requires all students to be current on a number of immunizations and to complete a risk assessment for tuberculosis (CSU Executive Order 803). This executive order and its requirements apply to undergraduate and graduate students, students matriculated in self-support degree programs and K-12 students participating in concurrent enrollment courses entering the California State University. To learn more, visit the Student Health Center webpage.

Be aware that failure to satisfy all admission and enrollment requirements and deadlines will result in the withdrawal of the offer of admission or prevent you from enrolling in the University for the admitted term. Students who do not successfully enroll in the term of admission (or end up withdrawing from all courses after initial enrollment) must reapply for future admission consideration, and meet the requirements that are in effect at that time.

If you are no longer interested in attending Cal State LA, please submit an online Admission Application Withdrawal request prior to the start of classes for your admission term.