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Semester General Education Courses

Photo of original and modernized William Shakespeare

Lower Division Arts (C1)

ENGL 2070 Beginning Creative Writing

ENGL 2260 A Journey through World Cinema (also listed as TVFM 2260)

ENGL 2800 Shakespeare and Popular Culture (3)

Lower Division Humanities (C2)

ENGL 1665 Introduction to Science Fiction (also listed as LBS 1665) (3)

ENGL 2310 Gods, Monsters, and Heroes in World Mythology

ENGL 2600 Literatury Los Angeles

ENGL 2665 Multicultural Science Fiction (also listed as LBS 2665) (3) (re)

ENGL 2700 Why Literature Matters (3) (wi)

ENGL 2710 Contemporary World Literature (3)

ENGL 2730 Fictions of Gender and Sexuality (3)

ENGL 2760 Pulp Fictions and Popular Literatures (3)

Lower Division Social Sciences (D)

ENGL 2100 Language and Society (3)

Upper Division Arts and Humanities

Banner Photo with info about ENGL 3810

ENGL 3815 Money and Meaning (3) (cl)

ENGL 3820 The Body in Literature and Culture (3) (cl)

ENGL 3822 Ethnicity and Emotions in U.S. Film (3) (re) (cl)

ENGL 3825 Psychology in Fairy Tales and Fantasy Literature (3) (wi)

Banner Photo with info for ENGL 3830

Banner with info for ENGL 3835

ENGL 3840 Aging in Literature (3) (cl)

ENGL 3850 Violence, Ethics, and Literature (3) (cl)

ENGL 3855 Crimes, Scenes, Interpretations: Literature and the Law (3) (cl)

About the Banner: From "How Historical Figures Might Look Today" created for "The Secret Life of . . ." series on Yesterday and reproduced in the Telegraph (top left: