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TVFM Faculty/Staff Equipment and Facilities Policies

  • TVFM Student Production Handbook (should be a page with PDF link inside)
  • Lab Schedules
  • Location Shooting

Equipment Check-out - Responsibilities

Cal State LA assumes no responsibility for injuries incurred, or property damaged, resulting from the use of borrowed equipment

Equipment Check-out Authorization

You may be authorized to borrow video, audio, or cinematography equipment only after meeting all of the following requirements:

  1. You must be a currently employed instructor or staff member of Cal State LA.
  2. You must have a current and verifiable phone number and address on file with the TVF Technical Staff.
  3. You must have a current University-issued photo I.D.
  4. You must have previously returned all equipment in a timely manner, in operating condition, and have a clean record of interaction with the TVF Technical Staff.
  5. You must have turned in a copy of both sides of your CalState LA ID, and the signed and filled out Equipment Checkout Agreement Form (verifying that you have read, understood and agree to comply with all its provisions) to the TVF Technical Staff.

Your Equipment Check-out Responsibilities

Anyone checking out equipment agrees to the following:

When checking out equipment, it is your responsibility to review each piece of equipment that you are taking to ensure that it is present, accounted for, and in operating condition before you leave the premises with it.

Any damage to the equipment that occurs while in your possession, up to and including, full replacement cost of that equipment, is your responsibility, whether the damage or loss of that equipment is your fault or not.

By using your Cal State LA ID to check out equipment, you acknowledge receipt of that equipment in working order, with no damages or defects. If equipment is returned with damages, defects, or parts missing, you will be held responsible.

The loss, theft, breakage or disappearance of equipment is the responsibility of the borrower. If a piece of equipment is lost or damaged while in your care, information will be supplied to the Cashier's Office and the TVF Technical Staff will work with both you and the Cashier’s Office on the replacement/repair. In the event that replacement is not handled in a timely manner, the following may occur:

  • All equipment and facility privileges (including edit suite access) will be revoked.
  • A stolen property report will be filed with the police.
  • Other legal actions appropriate to the situation will be taken.

Care of Equipment

By checking out equipment, you agree: 

  • You know how to operate the equipment.
  • You will not to use the equipment in a reckless manner. 
  • To remain aware and vigilant to keep the equipment as safe as possible. 
  • To report any damage of the equipment to the TVF Technical Staff as soon as possible. 
  • To notify TVF Technical Staff if the equipment is not working properly ASAP.  
  • You will not leave equipment unattended in any unsecure location include, but not limited to, automobiles, shooting locations, or any other public or campus locations.

General Check-out Process

  • Equipmnt is prioritized for classes and departmnet supported projects. Equipment requests will be subject to availability based on the class and department needs at the time.
  • Equipment requests must be made two weeks in advance to ensure availabilit and TVF Technical Staff support.
  • Bring your Ca lState LA ID with you to EVERY check out and check in – your ID will be scanned and the items you are checking out will be logged with your profile.
  • You must wear closed-toed, substantial shoes and appropriate clothing that is adequate for working with, handling and loading equipment, when you arrive to checkout or return equipment.
  • If you will not be able to load the equipment that you are checking out on your own, please notify TVF Technical Staff in advance of your check out or check in.
  • You may not checkout equipment for anyone other than yourself and you may not return equipment for another person.
  • You are required to return the equipment that you checked out during your scheduled check in time to the TVF Technical Staff.
  • Equipment may NOT be left in the TVFM Office, or with any other student, staff or faculty to submit on your behalf


Reserving Equipment with WebCheckOut (WCO)

All checkouts and reservations for equipment for the TVFM Department will be done through the software WebCheckOut. Please use this link to watch a tutorial on WCO if you need guidance or a refresher on the system LINK TO WCO Training

If you have questions on what equipment is available to your, please consult the Associate Chair of Production.

For questions about WCO, please contact the TVF Technical Staff


What to Do if Equipment is Stolen While It’s Checked Out to You


By checking out equipment the faculty or staff member agrees that they will continue to communicate with the TVF Technical Staff, and other interested parties, about the theft until such parties are satisfied with the information provided. The student is responsible to pay for the replacement of all equipment and accessories that are stolen while checked out to them at the purchase price of new equipment in order to replace what was stolen.

In event of a theft:

  1. Call the Police Department for the city/area in which you are located immediately to report the theft.
  2. Notify TVF Technical Staff of the theft and provide the staff member with copy of the police report as soon as possible.

It is the faculty or staff member's responsibility to provide the Police Dept. with model numbers and serial numbers of the equipment stolen. The faculty or staff member can get that information from TVF Technical Staff. Once the Police Dept. has that information, then the theft report can be updated and the serial numbers can be put into an electronic database that will make it easier for the equipment to be found. TVF Technical Staff are unable to update the Police Dept. with this information since the report was created/initiated with the Police by the faculty or staff member.


Penalties for Late Equipment Returns


You are required to return equipment on time. Because of the limited amount of equipment available in the department, a late return will seriously impact students and class work. Any faculty or staff member returning equipment late may not be approved for check out in the future.

Since the use of University equipment is a serious responsibility, the department has the right to revoke a faculty or staff membe ability to checkout equipment for any reason at any time. Any equipment not returned on time may be considered stolen and a police report will be filed if the student fails to respond to demands to return the equipment.

Facilities Policies

Department Key Policy

  • Keys for T/TT and Lecture Pool Faculty will be issued based on the office space, teaching assignments and associated classrooms they are assigned. Keys will not be issued for instructional spaces in the TVFM Center for classes that are taught during regular business hours. Staff support will be provided to ensure that classrooms are accessible

Department Space Request Process

Access to spaces for the purpose of student project supervision and personal professional work must be done in the following manner:

  • Fill out a Space Request Form and submit to TVF Technical Staff and the Associate Chair of Production.
  • Please indicate on your Space Request Form if the project is a course related project or a professional project.
  • Faculty must make a space request a minimum of two weeks in advance of the project.
  • Technical Staff, Chair and Associate Chair of Production will determine if the request for space is approved.
  • The requester must be present in the space and ensure that the space is secure at all times while the space is being utilized.
  • The requester is responsible for cleaning and securing the space at the end of their approved time.
  • If an incident occurs during the approved time, the requester must notify the TVF Technical Staff and the Associate Chair of Production as soon as possible. Incidents may include, but are not limited to; accidents, maintenance needs, etc.
  • In the case of course related projects, any damages that may occur are the responsibility of the TVF Department. In the case of professional projects, any damages that may occur are the responsibility of the requester.

Once the request for space is approved, the Faculty will:

  • Sign a special access agreement with the TVF Technical Staff that indicates that they understand the policies and safety procedures for the requested space and acknowledge that the granting of access is only for the times and dates approved.
  • A time will be set up with TVF Technical Staff to check out and check in any keys and access codes needed to fulfill the request.
  • If a faculty fails to return the keys that they are issued faculty will not be approved for any special access until the keys are returned.
  • If a faculty member continuously fails to return keys that are being issued to them for special access disciplinary actions will be taken and future requests may not be approved.
  • Lost keys are the responsibility of the party who checked them out. The cost of replacing the key will be determined by Campus Key Control and may include fees for recutting keys and/or replacing locks.

Standard Policies/Prohibitions

  • Standard University policies and prohibitions apply in our studios, labs and classrooms at all times. Prohibited items/activities may include but are not limited to: The use of open flames or fire; the use of flammable materials or liquids; the use of fog/haze; the use or possession of illegal/illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia; the possession or use of fire arms or other weapons; activities involving the mistreatment of animals; activities involving the mistreatment or exploitation of minors; pornographic activities; activities involving the gratuitous depiction of sex or violence.

  • Any personal property found by staff in studios, labs, or edit suites may be temporarily held for retrieval by the owner but will be taken to Campus Lost & Found located at the Public Safety Building as soon as possible.

Safety & Incident Reporting

  • When any incident occurs that results in loss of equipment, damages the building or injures an individual, an immediate call from the faculty member and/or staff member must be made to campus Police (343-3700) requesting that an incident report be taken. An accident report taken by campus Public Safety personnel is mandatory for all instances where damage or injury occurs in university buildings.
  • Assistance should be expected by all faculty and staff in the investigation of incidents on campus. Faculty and staff, when asked, should expect to provide a written statement to the RM/EHS Office.

Studio Spaces (MUS 200, TVFM 104/107, and TVFM 115, MUS 15/16)

In order to request the use of a studio space, you must be trained to operate the room that you are requesting. In the event that you are requesting a room that you are not trained in, a staff member from A&L Productions may be hired to assist in your request. Please note that the request time for A&L Production Staff in a minimum of one month in advance.


Edit Labs (MUS 255 and TVFM 207)


Edit Labs will be open for Open Lab hours during the semester according to the schedule posted on the department website site and on the doors of the Edit Labs. Please consult the website for the most up to date information. Edit Labs are always closed during Campus Closure days.

If you experience any technical issues with the computers in the lab please report these to the TVFM Technical Staff and the Associate Chair of Production immediately (via email) so the issue can be addressed.

Please remember to log out of any computer you are using so the next user may log in. Please note that all lab computers are designed to completely erase and reset the computer settings each time you log off. Make sure that you back up all of your work to a personal hard drive to ensure you do not lose your work. There is no way for data to be recovered once it has been deleted.


MUS 255 Audio Booth


The Audio Booth inside the MUS 255 Edit Lab is not reserved and can be used on a first-come-first-served basis. The Audio Booth is only available for use during open edit lab hours. Instructions for using the Audio booth can be found on the desk in front of the Audio Station. Do not attempt to use the Audio Booth unless you have the knowledge to use the equipment safely.

Edit Suites

If you would like to have edit suite access, please notify the Associate Chair of Production so your CIN can be programmed into the Omnilocks that manage access.

Edit suites are accessible Monday through Saturday from 8am to 11pm.

No access is permitted on Sundays, Holidays, Quarter Breaks, or Campus Closure Days.

Edit Suites are intended to be used by students for class projects. Please limit the time you use an edit suite, or allow a student to use it if all of the other edit suites are full.

Edit suite access and equipment checkout privileges may be revoked if:

• You leave the edit room open and unattended

• You give out your edit room PIN code to another person

• You unlock an edit room door for someone other than yourself

• You occupy the edit room outside of authorized hours

If you have a problem or issue accessing or using the edit suites you need to report it to the TVF Technical Staff as soon as possible via email.

Criminal charges including, but not limited to, trespassing, vandalism and burglary may be filed against any person who violates the edit suite access policy.

Clean Up

After working in one of these specialized spaces, or classrooms, whether as part of a class, during a lab exercise, or in any other capacity, you must take responsibility for cleaning that facility when you are done. Regardless of its condition when you entered, you are responsible for cleaning that room after you use it. This includes the return of equipment and furniture to their original or proper location, and the removal of trash, props, or other items that do not belong in the facility. Arrangements must be made with technical staff in advance if you need to store anything in the space beyond the time that you are using it.

Any personal property found by staff in studios, labs, or edit suites may be temporarily held for retrieval by the owner but will be taken to Campus Lost & Found located at the Public Safety Building as soon as possible.

No food or drink is permitted in studios, control rooms, or media labs at any time.

Cal State LA is 100% smoke-free, tobacco-free and vape-free.

This is in accordance with the CSU’s Policy on Systemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free

Environment, Executive Order 1108.