Colin Taylor ’86

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Headshot of Colin Taylor. Colin Taylor ’86

Colin Taylor is an award-winning Editor with over 20 years of experience editing a variety of shows that have appeared on major television and cable networks including award shows, documentaries, game shows, multi-camera music, stand-up comedy performances, reality shows, and many others. During his career he also served as the Post-Production Supervisor and Post Production Manager at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network, where he was responsible for determining post-production budgets, creating post-production schedules, locating and selecting potential editorial staff, as well as facilitating the delivery of shows to the network.

Colin has worked with artists like Prince, Cedric The Entertainer, and Tone Loc. He has also worked on several productions including the 79th Academy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, the 12th ALMA Awards, Entertainment Tonight, and more. Taylor’s wealth of experience is vital to his approach to editing each new show with the goal of realizing the artistic integrity and vision of the project while ensuring that the finished product meets the visual aesthetics and technical specifications.