Learn how faculty are implementing the Alumni Mentoring Program within their courses

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Headshot of Geraldine Date, assistant professor from the department of sociology

Meet lecturer Geraldine Date from the department of sociology within the College of Natural and Social Sciences.  Professor Date is one of the first faculty members to forge a partnership with the Alumni Mentoring Program in order to further the University’s mission of creating a culture of inclusivity and civic-mindedness among students.  

What is the mission of your Civic Learning 3700 course?

This course is crafted to grow Golden Eagles’ awareness, courage, and confidence to become civically minded.  A civically minded human is a human who is engaged in their communities.  This course chips away at developing the ability to recognize one’s civic identity and bring understanding to the inclusive nature of a community. 


How does the Alumni Mentoring Program encourage the value of civic engagement among students? 

School is where we learn, and school is also where we should practice applying what we are learning.  Who better to teach (or model) by example than an alum?  The Alumni Association is the bridge that connects the campus to communities.  In collaborating with alumni, students engage in a process that yields connectedness and inclusivity.  Both are key ingredients described in President Covino’s vision for vibrant student life.  Priscilla Parks [Alumni Mentoring Program staff] has developed the Alumni Ambassador program where SOC 3700 students are able to make meaningful connections with alumni through the mentoring platform, which also assists them in developing their own identity capital.  Student success in this course is measured by their ability to practice meaningful engagement with the alumni community.  We know that students who are community-minded in school will have increased civic participation in their communities when they graduate


Why is mentorship important to you? 

Mentorship to me is about having someone in your corner. 

If you are a Cal State LA faculty member who is interested in presenting this program to your classes or a current student who is interested in sharing your experiences in the Alumni Mentoring Program,  please contact us at alumnimentoring@calstatela.edu.

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