Business Forum Vol 28 Issue 1

  1. Editorial - [Download PDF]

    Mine Üçok Hughes
    Shilpa Balan

  2. Sustainability Priorities Of Industry Leaders —2020 And Beyond - [Download PDF]

    Juanita Trusty
    California State University, Los Angeles
    Frances Fabian
    University of Memphis
    Michelle Montague-Mfuni
    University of Memphis


    This study provides a review of sustainability reporting and measurement practices by industry leaders and summarizes corporate efforts and intentions in support of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Using a content analysis of reports of recognized sustainability leaders, the study examines the stated sustainability goals and measures for 2020 and beyond and the alignment of corporate goals with the SDGs. The study highlights the challenges corporations face in measuring social performance and reviews some of the measures taken to overcome these obstacles. The study concludes with implications for research and lessons both large and small businesses can glean from the reporting practices of these industry leaders.

  3. How Can Businesses Attract Millennials? Corporate Social Responsibility Might Be An Answer - [Download PDF]

    Claudia Barrulas Yefremian
    California State University Los Angeles


    Two of the most significant challenges for organizations in the 21st century are the shortage of highly skilled professionals, and their inability to attract and retain top talent. As millennials take the lead as the largest generation represented in the workforce in the United States, business is confronted with additional challenges. Recent research suggests that millennials consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices important when searching for an employer, applying for a job, and remaining with their current employer, indicating that CSR could be a competitive advantage in attracting, recruiting, and retaining millennial talent. This paper uses practitioner and academic literature to suggest that a partnership between CSR and human resource management might be an answer to mitigate talent recruitment challenges. JEL Code: M12, M14, M16

  4. Sustainability Labeling For Consumer Packaged Goods And The Implications For Retailer Versus Manufacturer Brands - [Download PDF]

    Maryam Tofighi
    California State University, Los Angeles
    Stacey Sharpe
    California State University, Los Angeles


    This study examines the effectiveness of adopting a sustainability labeling strategy to enhance brand evaluations. While retailers try to maximize profit by marketing store-owned brands as well as manufacturer-owned brands, it remains unclear under what circumstances retailers can benefit from the inclusion of sustainable product labels. Building on Cue Utilization Theory, we take an experimental approach to examining the importance of including sustainability cues in product labeling in the marketing promotional strategies of retailer- and manufacturer-owned brands. The results of this study indicate disproportionate outcomes for retailer versus manufacturer-owned brands and suggest that this difference is largely influenced by consumer familiarity.

  5. Sustainability Influencers: Between Marketers And Educators - [Download PDF]

    Taylan Yalcin
    California State University Channel Islands
    Cristina Nistor
    Chapman University
    Ekin Pehlivan
    California State University Channel Islands


    Sustainability has recently become mainstream research and managerial interest topic, as consumers worry about climate change and the effects of consumption. Social media plays an important educational role: #zerowaste has more than 4 million posts on Instagram, with consumers showing their efforts to produce less trash and conserve. We propose that marketers have an educational role: to share information about products through content marketing. We use examples from main venues of social media, such as YouTube and Instagram, and adapt the conceptual framework from Nistor et al. (2018) to capture omnidirectional content sharing of influencers as both educators and marketers.

  6. Book Review: Can Business Save The Earth?: Innovating Our Way To Sustainability By Michael Lenox & Aaron Chatterji - [Download PDF]

    Solomon Blaylock
    Woodbury University