Why Economics?

Why Economics?

Cal State LA economics graduates have secured employment in the private and public sectors, and specifically in higher education.

Employment in the Private Sector:

Muhammad I. (MA, 2022):
Data Analyst at SoCalGas and Adjunct Professor at Cal State LA and Cypress Community College

Cesar M. (BA, 2014):
Analyst in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of Lockton Companies, an LA insurance brokerage firm.

Emil K. (BA, 2015):
Data Analyst at Lockton Companies, an insurance brokerage firm.

George F. (BA, 2011):
Business Analyst at the high fashion apparel company, BCBG Max Azria, LLC.

Jordan T. (BSBA, 2013):
Account executive at Riot Creative Imaging, a media services firm in Los Angeles.

Lizzette A. (MA, 2013):
Data and Financial Analyst for the American Film Institute.

Myasnik P. (MA, 2012):
Economist and Assistant Vice President at Bank of the West.

Victor G. (BA, 2015):
Business Analyst for Southern California Gas Company.


Careers in the Public Sector:

Chad L. (BA, 2004; MA, 2006):
Economist for the Internal Revenue Service.

Samantha G. (BA, 2006; MA from UCSB):
Examiner at the California Department of Financial Institutions, which oversees the operations of state-licensed financial institutions.


Careers in Higher Education:

Gabriela B. (BA, 2003):
Gabriela earned a PhD in economics at UC Irvine. She is an assistant professor at Cal State Fullerton.

Joanne S. (BA, 2008):
Joanne earned a PhD in economics at UC Irvine. She is an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo.

Sanae T. (BA, 1994; MA, 1996):
Sanae earned a PhD in economics from Claremont Graduate University. She is an associate professor at Rhode Island College.