Business Pitch 2016

The Core Teams

All shifts

Connecting medical facilities with nurses with just-in-time staffing.
Ryuichi Matsushita
Ozzy Venegas
Mohammad Yazdani

Pay and Park

Platform connecting drivers looking for parking to households and institutions looking to lease their parking spaces in India.
Atit Patel
Harsh Patel
Yash Patel
Kevin Shah

Wiser Lender

Micro-financing to non-resident small business owners.
Oscar Aguayo
David Shioji
Elianne Venice


Premium chopsticks with an eco-friendly twist.
Jay Chang
Shannon Takeba
Ron Tansingco
Mylen Fe Yamamoto

Beacon of hope

The power to save lives and reduce human trafficking.
Kevin Cousineau
America Lopez
Penelope Lopez

Xinampa farms

Self-sustaining vertical farms in retrofitted shipping containers.
Alejandro Ascencio
Jose Trinidad Castaneda
Ian Jerome Pernia Kamus

The Wild Cards

One Wild Card team will present tonight. This team was selected through a peer voting process.

Drew's List

Mobile app to help students buy, sell, and trade their textbooks.
Andrew Aquino
Kevin Mowers
Christian Noble

Recovery glove system

Therapy tool to improve healing process with real time data.
Manuel Gonzalez Jr.
Brian Lee
Eric Nurwono

Coach Entrepreneurship

Instant access to personal training at your choice of location.
David Correll
Joel Fechik
Cam Wharton