CIS 598



A student in the MSIS program is required to complete a research paper for 1 unit of credit. It is listed in the catalog as CIS 598 Graduate Directed Study


Enrollment in CIS 598


Although there is no specific time period for enrollment, students would normally enroll in CIS 598 as they near completing their MSIS course requirements. Generally, it would be close to the quarter in which they expect to complete the requirements.


Before enrolling in CIS 598, a student need to contact a professor and seek his or her approval to participate in the directed study. A project topic and the work to be done must be agreed upon by both the student as well as his or her supervisor.


Once the area of research is determined and research to be conducted is defined, the student needs to fill a form and submit it to the department secretary at the IS Department located at STF 603. The form will contain the topic and a brief description of the project to be completed. It also requires the signature of the advisor.


The form can be downloaded by clicking on this link: CIS 598 Project Description Form


Thereafter, the student will need to enroll in the section listed as CIS 598 through the GET system.


Students are expected to complete the project in the quarter in which they enrolled for CIS 598. The grades are posted at the end of the quarter as in any other CIS course.