Cal State LA | ECCO

Entrepreneurship Collegiate Consulting Organization (ECCO)

ECCO is a CSULA community of student entrepreneurs that encourages and supports the development of student run businesses here on campus. Their goal is to ignite a passion for entrepreneurship amongst peers, to facilitate the extraordinary, and to empower the confidence within their group to succeed as business owners.


Cal State LA | PIHRA

Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA)

Professionals in Human Resources Association CSULA provides a legitimate advantage to members by enhancing their professional network, knowledge, skills, abilities, and career opportunities in Human Resources and several other fields.

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Society for advancement of management

Society for Advancement Management (SAM)

Society for Advancement Management focuses on developing effective management skill sets by understanding the role of management and how it has changed over the years to more of a teaching role rather than a "point finger and do" role. We also look at logistics and consulting through the lens of a managerial standpoint. And finally, we conduct mock interviews with various companies, and prepare ourselves within our group before an interview comes up by giving constructive criticism.