Degrees Offered


All students in the undergraduate and graduate programs here at Cal State LA take a core marketing class. Our department offers a wide range of electives, including courses in Marketing Research, Retailing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, International Business, and Entrepreneurship.

Marketing management is offered as an option for the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Business Administration and as an emphasis within the Master of Business Administration degree. The broad spectrum of the field of marketing is reflected in the fact that three other options within the B.S. degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Retailing) are used in this field. Certificate programs in Marketing and Commercial Transportation are offered to students majoring in other fields who wish to develop expertise in these areas.

International business at Cal State LA is offered as an option in the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Graduate students can pursue a concentration in international business in the Master of Business Administration degree or an option in the Master of Science in Business Administration degree. A 24-unit certificate program in International Business also is offered for students majoring in other fields.

Retailing at Cal State LA is offered as an option in the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In addition, credit certificate in Retailing is offered for students majoring in other fields. The Retailing option, administered by the College of Business and Economics' Institute of Retail Management, housed in the Department of Marketing, is endorsed by major segments of the retail industry and receives tremendous support and guidance from its Advisory Council which comprises senior executives from leading retail and retail-related firms. Each year the institute offers numerous student retailing scholarships to Business Administration majors Who demonstrate a strong interest in pursuing management careers in retailing. While completing their education, students may obtain university-sponsored retail internship with major retail firms.

Following are the Degrees & Certificates offered: