Dr. Angela Young Featured In CBS LA News

Angela YoungDr. Young shared her views with CBS LA News about the changing roles of the managers in the coming future and how CSULA is preparing them.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, the applicants holding a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and administration stand a better chance of securing an upper crust employment. In the future, the competition for these jobs is expected to be lighter. In Los Angeles, hotel managers earn an average annual salary greater than $ 109,900 with top executives getting up to $ 171,000.

“Hospitality encompasses many forms of business, from event planning to elaborate global tourism,” said Dr Angela Young, professor and chair of the Management department at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Young also mentioned, “Success in the hospitality industry requires an understanding of complex business supply chains, customer service and the ability of effectively plan and organize resources.

According to Dr Young, “A successful business manager must be attuned to all relevant environments, not only the global and local economies and consumer markets, but the organization itself, the mission, talented people who make great things happen every day, and effective processes at every point in the supply chain. The role of a manager changes by 2022, as technologies, consumer preferences and economic pressures, are ever-changing. Therefore, the role of an effective business manager into the future requires the ability to envision opportunities and forestall problems. The need for effective leadership will remain pivotal to the success of the business and its ability to serve customers, employ people and support economic growth and development. Through the CSU LA’s highly ranked business, we prepare students to understand operational aspects of business, the importance of effective leadership and sound decision-making, and use of resources to make them successful managers of tomorrow. Her message to all the aspiring business managers is “I encourage them to keep learning. Managers make a difference in the lives of everyone involved in making or using a product or service. Business is not a game, but a process by which very positive outcomes can be attained. So they must take their jobs seriously, because their decisions and actions matter.”