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Spring ODE Induction

The Spring ODE Induction Lunch was a happy time for everyone. There were new members, old members, faculty and staff. The ODE welcomed Pat Tom, who retired last year after serving many years as the department secretary. Dr. Ed Hsieh will be joining Pat in retirement but has plans to continue teaching half-time for a few years. Dr. Andy Winnick joined the ODE after fully retiring last year. Maria Ubago joined the ODE as the new department secretary and they hope to see her for a long time.

There are new ODE members for 2019. They are; Andres Ocon, Brian Troung, Alec Weissman, Gloria Roberts, Rose-Marie Payan, Roberto Alas, and Marleen Diaz. Currently, Rose-Marie, Brian, and Andres are all teaching economics at Cal State L.A. as adjunct professors. The ODE has known Brian for a long time. He received his MA in economics at Cal State L.A.

This year the ODE was thrilled to be hosted by friends and alumni who are working for Sempra Energy. Rose-Marie Payan was instrumental in collecting funds. Mai Truong was supportive and was able to attend. Mai received her MA in economics from Cal State L.A. The ODE was excited to see her again.

Looking ahead, the ASSA Conference will be in San Diego in January. This is the biggest economics conference of the year. This is the closest this conference ever gets to Los Angeles. It represents a great chance to hear new ideas from leading economists. It is also a chance to meet with friends who live far from L.A. but attend the conference.