Internship for International Student



Internship for International Student


  • Internships: F-1 Curricular Practical Training

    • CPT: Curricular Practical Training is an off-campus work permit allowing an F-1 student to participate in a paid intern program.
    • Eligibility

      • Option 1: The training is required in order to obtain the degree. The curriculum must state that the internship is required in order for students to complete the degree program. *Exception for 9-consecutive-months-in-status eligibility

      • Option 2: The training is required for a particular course or curricular track, although it may not be required of all students in the degree program. The details of the student’s specific projects for that course must be discussed and supervised by the course’s instructor. Student must be registered in the class during the term the student is employed in the training program. The dates of the training program must coincide with the enrolled term. For full time employment, the student must be enrolled in the course for at least 3 units. The student must be receiving 2 units for part time employment.

​​​Students must complete the same paperwork for a Credit Internship in the CBE in addition to the paperwork required by the International office.