Campus Clarity

At Cal State LA, we are committed to doing everything possible to make this campus safe, so that you can get the very most out of your educational experiences.  You are likely aware that the prevention of sexual violence on college campuses is receiving greater amounts of attention than ever before. On March 7, 2013, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act was signed into law. This act requires universities to provide sexual violence prevention and awareness programs that educate students about prohibitions, reporting procedures, the university’s response to incidents, and resources for victims and survivors.

Cal State LA has selected the Campus Clarity "Think About It," online education course to provide you with information about sexual harassment and misconduct and give you an opportunity, in a virtual setting, to practice skills to prevent them. The main objective of the course is to enhance your knowledge and ways to help prevent sexual harassment and misconduct.  

A helpful list of frequently asked questions is available at  This training is mandatory for all Cal State LA students. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the training as soon as possible. Failure to complete this training will affect your ability to register for classes for subsequent semesters.

To complete the training:—

1. —Go to the Campus Clarity website:

2. Click on: “Login to training"

3. —Enter your Cal State LA email

4. If you have trouble accessing the program with your Cal State LA e-mail, please go to to have an invite sent directly to you. Simply enter your Cal State LA e-mail address where prompted and click the continue button underneath the box. The system will then e-mail you an invitation link.

If you have technical difficulties or questions specifically about the Campus Clarity website, you may call 1-800-652-9546 or email

If you have questions about Cal State LA's procedures for reporting sexual and/or gender-based harassment, violence or stalking, please contact the Title IX coordinator at (323) 343-3040.