UCI Data Science Courses

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Want to develop your programming and data analysis skills?

DIRECT-STEM students can sign up to take a short course at UC-Irvine's Big Data Science Center.

For more information about UCI courses:

1) Sign up for the email list: https://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/listinfo/datascience-initiative/
2) Check the class schedules and register online at UCI big data science website: datascience.uci.edu

Anticipated Fall 2016 Workshop Dates:

An email will be sent out to the DSI email list when registration opens, which will typically be one week before the workshop date. 
October 3 – Intro to Linux on the HPC
October 7 – Intro to R
October 20 – Next Gen. Sequencing Data Analysis
October 25 – A Non-trivial Intro to Julia
November 7 – Predictive Modeling with Python
November 17 – Intro to R
December 2 – Topics in R (Interactive visualizations and reports)

What type of courses will be offered?


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