Meet the LearnLabbies


Dr. Ji Son, Lab Director

Ji Son


Dr. Son is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. Her research focuses on how people learn and generalize their learning to new situations. The central idea behind her work is that learning changes the way we SEE the world! Many of the studies in the Learning Lab examine the role of perception in how students and young children learn abstract ideas, such as math and science. Area: Cognitive development, category learning, perceptual learning, learning and transfer.

Caylor Davis, Post-Graduate Researcher

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I am a graduate of the CSULA Psychology MA program, and received my BA in Linguistics and Psychology from UCLA. I am also a previous lecturer here at CSULA, and particularly enjoyed teaching statistics (Psych 3020). My main research interests involve investigating instructional methods that can improve student learning outcomes in statistics and data science. Some recent projects have included gauging the effectiveness of pairing instruction with guided notes, emphasizing concepts over calculations in instruction, and how to help students read for math. I approach questions related to these ideas through the framework of the Practicing Connections hypothesis, in hopes of helping students gain robust, transferable knowledge, and develop meaningful learning experiences.

Ana Leandro-Ramos, Graduate Student

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I am a student in the Master of Arts (MA) Psychology program and a MORE research fellow here at CSULA. I am seeking to investigate the process of learning to understand how to facilitate the process for students. I am currently focusing on investigating the effect of text reminders on study habits in an attempt to increase study time. I am interested in how mindset and habit formation can be used to change student behavior.

Jose Salas, Graduate Student

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Hello! My name is Jose Salas. I am currently pursuing my M.A. in Psychology at CSULA. I graduated from UCLA in 2019 with a B.A. in Psychology as well as a minor in Cognitive Science and a minor in Chicanx Studies. My research interests include education and learning in the classroom, specifically what can be done to promote student learning/success for all students. My hobbies include traveling, mentoring, watching movies/tv, and cooking.

Marielle Arcana, Research Assistant

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Hello! My name is Marielle Arcana, and I am a 2nd-year undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. in Psychology at Cal State LA. I am currently a part of the Learning Lab as a research assistant, and I am assisting Professor Caylor Davis in her projects involving the creation of R coding and Jupyter Notebook lesson materials to be taught in different classrooms in the high school and collegiate levels. As a student at Cal State LA, I hope to explore more about the psychology of human behavior (including elements of conceptual learning and motivation) and apply this knowledge to different career paths such as counseling, therapy, and/or social work. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, skateboarding, and playing the guitar!


Students who have worked with Dr. Ji in the past:

Arineh Mirinjian M.A., Graduate student @ CSULA, class of 2020

Kolya Ludwig M.A., Graduate student @ CSULA, class of 2019

Alyssa Lawson Ph.D., Graduate student @ UC Santa Barbara, class of 2023

Mariela Rivas Ph.D., Graduate student @ UCI, class of 2020

Cynthia Alarcon Ph.D., Graduate student @ University of Texas, Austin, class of 2020

Donna Chen Ph.D., Graduate student @ University of Nebraska, class of 2020

Yu Zhang Ph.D., Graduate student @ UC Santa Cruz, class of 2019

Craig Terasawa M.S.W., Graduate student @ Azusa Pacific University, class of 2014

Phoutdavone "Noy" Phimphasone Ph.D., Graduate student @ UNC, Charlotte, class of 2016

Katerina Schenke Ph.D., Graduate student @ UCI, class of 2015

K.P. Thai Ph.D., Age of Learning

Stacy Einikis M.A., Graduate student @ Adler School of Professional Psychology, class of 2010

Michelle Leslie Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

Megan Haselschwerdt Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Human Development, Auburn University