Designing Online Courses (DOC)

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Designing Online Courses Program


CETL's new DOC program provides faculty training in the design and development of hybrid and online courses. Faculty complete workshops in a linear progression that build on one another within a set timeline. At the end of the DOC program, faculty will have a course (alignment) map and at least four weeks of a course built in Canvas.

Are you ready to teach online?

Creating an online course is a big investment of time and talent. Take the survey and assess your own readiness to design and teach an online course.  You may be developing new activities, finding multimodal ways of presenting your course content, ensuring the content is fully accessible, and being much more transparent and explicit in your course design.  It may be helpful to create a technology-enhanced course first, that is, to beef up your use of technology in a F2F course before fully committing to hybrid or fully online.

Consult the Thinking about going online? for more information. 

Program Details

Designing Online Courses (DOC) program consists of face-to-face workshops, fully online modules, and instructional designer consultations to help faculty design a quality, student-centered, and properly aligned online or hybrid course. Per a semester, the DOC program follows this linear progression:

  • Weeks 2-3: Introduction to Teaching Online Workshop (In-Person: 90 minutes)
  • Week 3: Introduction to Course Alignment (ACUE) (In-Person)
  • Week 4-16: Accessible Instructional Materials (In-Person Session or Webinar Session: 90 minutes)
  • Week 6-8: Course Mapping Online Workshop (Fully Online)
  • Week 10: Consultations on Course (Alignment) Map
  • Week 12-14: Course Building Online Workshop (Fully Online)
  • Week 16: Consultations on Course Build

Let's Get Started!

Enrollment for "Introduction to Teaching Online" has closed for Spring 2020. 

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Program participants should obtain their CETL TECH Certificate or Alt-Instruction Certificate before beginning the DOC Program. 

DOC Workshops

Please see details about required workshops by clicking the accordions below.

1. Introduction to Teaching Online (In-Person)

In this in-person workshop, you will learn about the Cal State LA policies on online and hybrid instruction. You will list the situational factors, challenges, and opportunities impacting your course design and start to envision your course based on student activities

2. Introduction to Course Alignment (ACUE or CETL) (In-Person)

In this in-person workshop, you will review objectives and match these objectives with learning activities and assessments. This match (alignment) provides an explanatory structure for your course that prevents redundancy and makes sure all elements in your course work together. You will outline this alignment with a course map in the Course Mapping Online Workshop.

3. Course Mapping Workshop (Fully Online)

In this three-week fully online, asynchronous workshop, you will design a course map or planning document. With this visual organizer, you can check for alignment: how aligned objectives, activities, materials, and assessments work together to further student learning. With the support and feedback from Instructional Designers, you can plan at least four weeks and be ready to build your Canvas course.

4. Course Building Workshop (Fully Online)

You will use your course map to build your course in the Canvas LMS. You will review content and interact in our fully online, asynchronous course while you work on your own. With Instructional Designers as guides, you will modify a CETL Canvas template, add an organizational structure (modules and overview pages), and design pages. You can build in practice and assessments and then communication with discussions, video, and more.

Accessible Instructional Materials (Either In-Person or Webinar)

This workshop will help you identify ways to ensure your instructional materials meet the ADA standards. You will learn how to ensure your PowerPoints, PDF's, Word Documents, Canvas pages, videos, and images are compliant for digital use. 


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