Designing Online Courses (DOC)

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Designing Online Courses Program

Thank you for your interest in DOC.
The program is currently on hiatus. 

If you are interested in designing an online course, please discuss the
Online Course Development Program with your department and dean's office. 


CETL’s Designing Online Courses (DOC) Program will walk faculty through the planning, design, and development of a hybrid or fully online course—all in the span of a single semester.  This is an intensive semester-long course redesign program. Applicants should first discuss with their department chair the feasibility of offering the proposed course in the hybrid or fully online format.  Preference will be given to applicants who plan to redesign courses that are regularly offered, have high enrollment, and/or are GE or major bottlenecks.


Faculty who are currently teaching Spring 2021, will continue to teach Fall 2021, and who would like to redesign a course to be offered designated as “Fully Online” or “Hybrid” in the Fall 2021 schedule of classes.

Applicants must have completed CETL’s Alt-Instruction Proof of Completion or Certificate during Summer 2020. Additionally, proposed courses should have an approved Course Modification or New Course Proposal Form indicating the course may be delivered as “Hybrid” or “Fully Online,” or the department chair signifies the department is working toward (or will submit this approval) during the Spring 2021 semester.  

The following items are required to apply:

  • A copy of the Syllabus of the proposed course
  • The document submitted to satisfy Tiers 1 and 2 for Alt-Instruction (recommended)


The DOC Program begins week 4 of Spring Semester 2021 and concludes with the final submission of at least 5 modules of hybrid/fully online course built in Canvas due by May 18, 2021.


The DOC Program consists of five required fully online workshops to be completed during the Spring 2021 semester. DOC includes required assignments with firm deadlines.  Participants must pass assignments and meet firm deadlines to continue moving forward in the program. Applicants should expect to spend a minimum of 30 hours (or 3-5 hours per week) to complete the program. As the program requires course redesign from the ground up, DOC may take longer than 30 hours for some participants.


Faculty complete the following program requirements:

  • Introduction to Teaching Online Workshop (self-paced). Starts 02/17/21. Complete by 2/23/21
  • CETL Alignment Objectives Webinar (90 minutes via Zoom) attend by 3/16/21
  • Submission of Measurable Objectives - by 03/16/21  
  • Course Mapping Online Workshop - (self-paced) begins 3/17/21
  • Participation in one 90-minute scheduled Accessible Instructional Materials Webinar by 04/25/21
  • Submission of Hybrid/Online Course Map by 04/27/21 
  • Course Building Online Workshop - (self-paced) begins 4/28/21 
  • Submission of Canvas Hybrid/Online Course Build by 5/18/21

*CETL’s Accessible Instructional Materials Webinars (90 minutes via Zoom) are scheduled:

  • Week 10: 4/8/21: Thursday, 11:30AM
  • Week 11: 4/15/21: Thursday, 11:30PM
  • Week 12: 4/21/21: Wednesday, 2:30PM
In CETL's DOC, there are five required workshops.


If you have any questions, contact us at

DOC Workshops

Please see the details about the required workshops by clicking the accordions below.

1. Introduction to Teaching Online (Self-Paced)

You will learn about the Cal State LA policies on online and hybrid instruction. You will review the roles of faculty, students, and materials in an online environment (Community of Inquiry) and start to list your course's situational factors, challenges, and opportunities. We will build off your experience with remote instruction to the next level in course design, namely alignment. 

2. CETL Alignment Workshop (Self-Paced with a Required Zoom Webinar)

You will investigate how learning is measurable. In a live Zoom webinar and through assignments, you will review course objectives and confirm that they are student-centered, appropriate to the course level, and measurable. These revised objectives provide a basis for a match between objectives and your activities, assignments, and assessments. This match, or alignment, makes sure all elements in your course work together. 

3. Course Mapping Workshop (Self-Paced)

In this three-week fully online, asynchronous workshop, you will design a course map or planning document. With this map, you can check for alignment: how aligned objectives, activities, materials, and assessments work together to further student learning. With the support and feedback from Instructional Designers, you can plan at least five weeks and be ready to build your Canvas course.

4. Accessible Instructional Materials Workshop (Webinar)

This workshop will help you identify ways to ensure your instructional materials meet accessibility standards. You will learn how to ensure your PowerPoints, PDF's, Word Documents, Canvas pages, videos, and images are compliant for digital use. 

5. Course Building Workshop (Self-Paced)

You will use your course map to build your course in the Canvas LMS. You will review content and interact in our fully online, asynchronous course while you work on your own. With Instructional Designers as guides, you will modify a CETL Canvas template, add an organizational structure (modules and overview pages), and design pages. You can build in practice, assessments, and opportunities to communicate with discussions, video, and more.

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