Assignments and Activities

Exploring Assignment and Activity Types

Canvas makes a distinction between assignments and activities. Assignments are almost always graded. Activities still require students to do something, but the task itself will not earn the student any points.

Choose from three basic types: Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz

What is the difference between a Canvas Assignment and a Canvas Activity?

Adding an Assignment or Activity

Add assignments and activities via the Module view of your course. This ensures the item is placed in the correct module.

Adding an assignment from the Modules page
Adding an assignment to a module

How do I add assignment types, pages, and files as module items?

Former Moodle User Tip: When compared to Moodle, Canvas provides fewer standalone activity and assignment types (Assignment, Discussion, Quiz, Page). However, each can be programmed to provide the same functionality as the equivalent Moodle activity.

  • Moodle Questionnaire > Canvas Quiz (Ungraded Survey)

  • Moodle Workshop > Canvas Assignment (Peer Review enabled)

  • Moodle Wiki > Canvas Page (Student edit mode enabled)

Undeleting Content

If something has been deleted by accident or you want to try to restore content that was deleted, you can use the undelete button in the course > settings area.

Once you click on this button, you will have the option of restoring what Canvas has kept after being deleted.

Want to learn more?

For an in depth look at each assignment and activity type, visit the help pages for Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes.