Canvas Turnitin Assignment

At Cal State LA, Turnitin is available through Canvas, the campus Learning Management System. Below you will find steps on creating a Turnitin assignment on Canvas.

Enabling Turnitin on an Canvas Assignment

Under the Plagiarism Review section, click on the dropdown [1] and select Turnitin.  In the following dropdown menu [2], choose whether you would like your students’ papers to be stored in the Turnitin Repository, then check off what you like the submissions to be compared against.  When the Similarity Report is generated, you have the option to exclude specific portions of the paper and enable a grammar checker [3]. If you wish to keep these settings for future use, you can check off the box is labeled Save as default settings [4].  The final dropdown [5] allows you to choose when students can access the Similarity Reports.

Comprehensive Turnitin Guide

Viewing Plagirism Report

Within the assignment details window, click on Speedgrader.


Once in Speedgrader, click on the percentage highlighted in the red box.



The Similarity Report has different features for you to use.  In the column on the right-hand side, the first button [1] indicates what percent of the paper was found to be plagiarized

Adding Turnitin LTI to an Assignment

Begin by creating a new Assignment. Add Turnitin to the assignment by activating Turnitin as the submission type. Students will then submit their assignments via the Turnitin system, where it will be scanned for plagiarism. 

Turnitn Submission Type

How do I add a Turnitin Assignment? Access

Please email CETL Support at if you wish to use to manage turnitin assignments.