Creating a Quiz Shell

Draft State and Quiz Shells

In Canvas, quizzes, like assignments and graded discussion, depend mostly on the settings and then upon the question types. Doing this means you should employ the Quiz Shell or "Draft State" as Canvas calls it. The point of this funciton is to create the space in your course for your quizzes to exist and then for you to edit them and apply the correct settings. This can be typically viewed as a three step process.

  1. Create a quiz by clicking the Plus either in a Module or the Plus Quiz in the Quiz Index Page.
  2. Select the quiz from the drop down menu in Modules, or start on the navigation page from the Quiz Index page.
  3. Select New Quiz, name it, select its assigment group (grading feature if created in Assignments), and then select Add Item

How do I use Draft State in Quizzes?

How do I use the Quizzes Index Page?

Configuring Quiz Settings

Quizzes have two major settings to focus on, the Quiz Type and the Quiz Options. Canvas has four major Quiz types for you to explore and then corresponding settings to enable their use. Also within the quiz settings are the timing options, from here you can set available from and until times, this prevents the student from taking a quiz outside of these times.

What Quiz Types can I create in a Course?

What Options can I set in a Quiz?

Creating Quiz Questions

Canvas organizes their question creation process in a few steps. First, you can add individual questions to a quiz. You can then create Question Groups within a quiz to randomize question. Or your can utilize Question Banks and build from there. 

How do I create a Quiz with Individual Questions?

How do I create a Quiz with a Question Group to randomize questions?

For the complete topic on Canvas Quizzes, including How to create multiple question types go to:

How to use Quizzes the Instructor Guides

Using a Question Bank

Question Banks are larger groups in which you may house multiple question items and types based on topics you need for your course. Canvas Question Banks are flat, in the sense that they are single categories and do not create sub-groups within them. That must be done at a quiz level using Question Groups. 

How do I create a Question Bank in a Course?

How do I create a Quiz by finding questions in a Question Bank?

How do I create a Quiz with a Question Group linked to a Question Bank?

Grading and Regrading Quizzes

Grading for quizzes of most preset question types is done automatically after students take their quiz. The Quiz Options allow you to set times or opportunities for students to view their answers and feedback. Essay type or file upload questions will require you to manually grade the content using SpeedGrader. You may wish to review our guides on using SpeedGrader if you have trouble.

Regrading quizzes because you might have accidently indicated the wrong correct answer in a question is primarily done by the question type. Use these guides to explore how to regrade:

What options can I use to Regrade a Quiz in a Course?

Viewing Quiz Results

Quiz results are easily viewed and analyized using Canvas' Quiz Statistics feature. For detailed guides on how to use these tools and what some of the information means, please use the following guides:

How do I view student results in a Quiz?

How do I view a quiz log for a student? 

Making Quiz Accommodations

Students who need extra time or attempts on a quiz because of special circumstances can have appropriate quiz accommodations set up for them. You will use the Canvas Moderate this Quiz option after clicking on the quiz title. This is similar to the quiz user override in Moodle. You will also have to make sure in the quiz settings that the quiz availability time for the student receiving quiz accommodations is long enough to include the extended quiz time.

For example: if your quiz runs for an hour and fifteen minutes, and you're giving one of your students double time, for a total of two hours and thirty minutes, make sure that the time between the [1] available from and the [2] until boxes are at least as long as two hours and thirty minutes. You can use the [3] + Add button to assign a longer quiz availability time for students receiving accommodations, so that everyone else's quiz availability time can stay the same as normal.

The assign-to blocks in Canvas quiz settings, showing the available from time, the until time, and the button to add a new assign-to block.

How can I give my students extra time?

How can I give my students extra attempts?


Former Moodle User Tip: Suverys, Choice, and Questionnaire activities have been replaced by Canvas quizzes. Review the Configuring quiz settings section above.