Summer Institute

Please note: The Summer Institute concluded on August 21, 2020

Alt-Instruction Summer Institute

Summer Institute Overview

The Alt-Instruction Summer Institute provides an invaluable opportunity for faculty to prepare themselves for virtual instruction in the fall term and to learn strategies for engaged and equitable teaching that apply across teaching formats.

The Summer Institute consists of CETL’s current ALT-Instruction workshops, plus the planning and design of your Fall 2020 Canvas course shell.  To receive Summer Institute Support (up to $2,000), participants will need to provide the following to their department chair:

  • Attendance in six (6) Alt-Instruction workshops; 5 core workshops and one equity elective.  You will be emailed a Proof of Completion document within (4) business days after you complete your final workshop.

  • Evidence of population of your Fall 2020 Canvas course shell (e.g., screenshots) showing completion of up to 2 Tiers of Objectives from the CETL Remote Instruction Checklist

  • These items must be submitted to your Department Chair by August 21, 2020.

Workshop Requirements

Core Workshops (complete all)

  1. Intro to Canvas & Online Activities* (self-paced)
  2. Low Bandwidth Teaching (webinar)
  3. Leveraging Multimedia (self-paced)
  4. Canvas Gradebook & SpeedGrader (webinar)
  5. Online Quizzes & Exams: No Proctor Needed (webinar)

*Please Note: Intro to Canvas & Online Activities (self-paced) is a combination of “Getting Started with Canvas” and “Online Activities and Assignments.” If you have already taken these two separate workshops, you have satisfied the Intro to Canvas & Online Activities requirement. 

Equity Elective Workshops (complete at least one)

  • Writing Better Test Questions (webinar)
  • Transparent Assignment Design + Rubric (webinar)
  • Maintaining Instructor Presence w/Video (webinar)
  • Teaching First-Generation Learners (self-paced)
  • Reading & Writing in the Disciplines: Teaching Remotely (self-paced)

Faculty who complete these summer workshops will be prepared to build out their course(s) using a Canvas course template. 

One-Time Stipends for Faculty (up to $2000)

Cal State LA agrees to provide compensation in the form of a one-time stipend(s) for Faculty who participate in the Alt-Instruction Summer Institute and apply principles learned in the Alt-Instruction workshops to their Fall 2020 courses. Participation in the Alt-Instruction Summer Institute is optional. 

All Faculty are able to participate in professional development by completing the Alt-Instruction summer workshops. However, only those who are the instructor of record for a course in the Fall 2020 semester will be eligible to receive a stipend by demonstrating what they have learned in the workshops. This will entail Integrating equitable and engaged pedagogy into their course by populating their Canvas course shell in two stages (Tiers 1 and 2). Faculty may elect to complete only Tier 1 or both Tiers 1 and 2. 

Tier 1 objectives: 

Adoption of the CETL Canvas template populated with items 1-5 "Preparing Students for Success" on the CETL Remote Instruction Checklist

Tier 1 support: $500 upon integration of items into your Fall 2020 Canvas course pages as verified by your department chair.

Tier 2 objectives: 

Build out items 6-10 on the CETL Remote Instruction Checklist.  At least 2 full modules of the course must be built out with items 6-10 on the checklist, customized for your Fall course. 

Tier 2 support: $1500 upon integration of items into your Fall 2020 Canvas course shell as verified by your department chair. 

To receive support:

Send your Department Chair verification of completion of the Alt-Instruction Summer Institute, which will be emailed to you within 4 business days of your final workshop. In addition, provide screenshots showing completion of Tier 1 and Tier 2 objectives no later than Friday, August 21, 2020. 

Payment of these stipends does not constitute additional employment nor grant additional entitlement. Stipends are taxable Income, subject to other payroll deductions, and will be paid within 30 days after the Department Chair working with the Associate Dean of the College verifies completion of the Alt-­Instruction workshops and completion of the Tier 1, or Tiers 1 and 2 objectives, by August 21, 2020. This is subject to campus payroll processing procedures.  Questions about payment should be directed to your Associate Dean. 

Please review the Summer Institute Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information. 

Getting Started

Step 1. Attend Workshops 

Attend the required core workshops and equity elective in CETL's Alt-Instruction program.  They will prepare you to build out your courses using a Canvas course template.

Step 2. Review CETL's Remote Instruction Checklist

Please review CETL's Remote Instruction Checklist carefully.  Various versions are linked below.  To recieve payment, you may elect to complete only Tier 1, or both Tiers 1 and 2.  A Canvas course template will be provided to help complete both Tiers.

  • Click here for a printable version of CETL's Remote Instruction Checklist
  • Click here for a web-based version of the CETL's Remote Instruction Checklist
  • Click here for a shortened one-page version of CETL's Remote Instruction Checklist.  (The FULL version will have more details for each checklist item.)

Step 3. Familiarize yourself with the Alt-Instruction Course Template

CETL has created a course template featuring ready to customize Get Started Here and Help + Support modules. Using the template greatly speeds up the course build process and makes for a consistent student experience across courses. 

Visit the Course Template image slideshow to get a closer look. Better yet, see the videos and documentation below to learn how to obtain a copy of the course template. 

The Alt-Instruction Course Template directly addresses many of the items in the Remote Teaching Checklist. Fully utilize the course template to meet the following checklist items. 

Checklist Item

Course Template Item

  1. Provide explicit directions where students can find all course components and how they get started--and thrive--in the course. 

Get Started Here module

  1. Provide instructions on how learners can access their grades.

  2. Identify any required technology needed for the course and where your students can receive support. 

  3. Provide information on the campus academic or student services support offices and resources. 

Help + Support module

  • Canvas Help & Technical Support Resources page

  • Academic Support & Student Services page

  1. Create a sense of community by encouraging and guiding learners to introduce themselves in Canvas via their profile and in an online discussion forum.

Get Started Here module

  • Meet and Greet - Introduce Yourself discussion

Step 4. Import the Alt-Instruction Course Template into your Fall course shell

Getting a copy of the course template is easy. Directly import it into your Fall course shell or a test course (Sandbox). 

Brief Instructions:

  1. Access the Alt-Instruction Course Template by using the Canvas Commons link

  2. Log in if prompted. 

  3. Locate the CETL Alt-Instruction Course Template in the featured area of Canvas Commons

  4. Use the button Import/Download.

  5. Select from your courses listed to import the template. 

  6. Visit the course where the template was imported. 

Video - Importing the Course Template

Please view the video below.

If your Fall course is not yet available, you can request an extra course shell (sandbox). Build your course here in the meantime, then copy it to your Fall course later. Submit a special shell request. 

Step 5. Customize the Template

Brief Instructions:

  1. Visit the course with the imported template.

  2. Begin working in the Get Started Here module. 

  3. Upload your syllabus. 

  4. Visit each page in this module to customize it to your needs and the needs of your students. 

  5. Build each week of your course by populating the modules with instructional materials, activities, and assignments. 

Video - Customizing the Template

Please view the video below

Step 6. Provide Verification to you Department Chair (not CETL)

Send your Department Chair verification of completion of the Alt-Instruction Summer Institute including the Proof of Completion - Alt-Instruction workshops and screenshots showing completion of the Tier 1 and 2 Objectives. 

Showing Completion of the Alt-Instruction Workshops

After completing the core and elective workshops, CETL will send a Proof of Completion form. Please allow 4 business days for processing. 

Showing Adoption of Tier 1 and 2 Objectives

You can use screenshots to document your use of the template to achieve the Tier 1 and 2 objectives:

  • Tier 1: CETL Canvas template populated with items 1-5 “Preparing students for success” on the CETL Remote Instruction checklist.
  • Tier 2: Build out of items 6-10 on the CETL Remote Instruction checklist. At least 2 full modules of the course must be built out with items 6-10 on the checklist, customized for your course.

Review the Taking Screen-Captures of Your Course page for additional information.