Technology Borrowing Agreement

I, the borrower, understand the below rules and regulations regarding the equipment I am being loaned and agree to its terms.


At the time of check out, I will present a valid California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA student ID and evidence of current enrollment. If I am no longer enrolled in classes at Cal State LA, I agree to return the borrowed equipment immediately.

I understand all borrowed items remain the property of Cal State LA, and I agree to return them by the due date. I agree to return the equipment before the end of the borrowing period if requested to do so.

I understand that I am responsible for caring for and protecting the equipment that I am borrowing, and I agree that I will not allow others to use the equipment.

I understand that if the equipment is damaged or in need of repair, I agree to utilize University ITS Help Desk support and not external off-campus repair. I also agree not seek reimbursement for any unauthorized repairs.

The contact information on my laptop request form is still current, or I have provided up-to-date contact information.

I agree not to leave the equipment unattended in any situation and location where there is a risk that it might be stolen (library, car seat, open dorm area, etc.)

I understand that I am responsible for making sure that computer viruses do not infect the equipment, primarily by making sure that I do not open infected documents or install affected software.

I agree that the borrowed items shall only be used by me, the borrower, and no one else (family members or friends).

I understand that the borrowed equipment is to be used for Cal State LA course-related tasks only.

I understand that the borrowed equipment is not to be used for commercial activities. The equipment is not to be used for illegal activities, including the following unacceptable uses: hacking, vandalism, or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any systems; violation of copyright laws or license agreements; plagiarism.

I understand that the use of this equipment is a privilege that may be revoked at any time should it be determined that I am using it in an improper manner or at the discretion of the equipment administrators.

I understand that I am solely responsible for making copies of personal files and documents before returning the equipment. I am also responsible for deleting any individual data and materials that I do not want others to view. Once the equipment is returned, the university removes all files and loans out the equipment again and will be unable to recover your files and documents.

I agree to return the equipment by the due date, and during open office hours, to a Dean of Students person responsible for receiving and checking equipment. I will not leave the borrowed equipment outside a door or with another department or unauthorized individuals at the office. I understand that I cannot opt to ship or mail the equipment and must follow the University's return process.

In the case of loss of equipment or the event of severe damage, I understand that I will forfeit the right to any additional equipment borrowing. I also understand that lost or damaged equipment will endanger the future of the equipment loan program and be detrimental to other students. I am solely responsible for all the cost of repair or replacement any may forfeit university funds and suffer holds until they are paid.

I understand that my responsible care of this equipment will help the equipment loan program to continue and benefit other students in the future, and a lack of responsibility will hurt and deny my future consideration.