Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Cal State LA Awards and Scholarships

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recognizes the many accomplishments of our students with awards and scholarships.

In 2020, we awarded over $17,000 in scholarship funds. You may qualify for some of these awards!

Grifols Scholarship (formerly Alpha Therapeutic Corp. Scholarship)

This Scholarship is presented to a full time undergraduate (sophomore, junior, or senior) student with a major in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Microbiology who has demonstrated scholastic achievement (GPA of at least 3.00), and who has shown potential for an outstanding career in chemistry, bio­chemistry or microbiology.  The Scholarship nominees are submitted to the Dean of the School and final se­lection of the recipient is made by the Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences.

ACS Organic Chemistry Award

This Award is presented to the undergraduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry whose overall GPA is ~3.4 and who has demonstrated high academic achievement in CHEM 3200 during the current academic year.

Anthony J. Andreoli

Eligibility: The recipient is an undergraduate biochemistry or microbiology major with junior or senior standing.  No minimum GPA. Student must demonstrate potential for research in biochemistry or microbiology.

Previous winners of the Andreoli Award

Who was Anthony J. Andreoli?

Gutierrez-Tunstad Scholarship Award

To support an organic chemistry undergraduate (junior or senior) research student with at least a 3.0 GPA who is Ph.D.-bound and exhibits the qualities of good mentoring toward his/her peers.

Robert Loudon Service Award 

This Award is presented to the undergraduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who, in scholastic attainment, character, and service to the Department, most closely embodies the attainments of the late Robert Loudon.

Lloyd N. Ferguson Scholarship

Awarded to a Chemistry or Biochemistry major (full-time status) with a G.P.A. of at least 2.5 who has demonstrated service/leadership in the Black community. The award can be given to an incoming Freshman with a 3.0 or better high school average, a recommendation from  a high school chemistry teacher, and service or leadership in the Black community.

John Spielman Award in Freshman Chemistry

This Award is presented to the student in General Chemistry whose record does honor to the memory of Dr. John Spielman and to the spirit of those who have benefited from the kind of help that was given by him over the  25 years he devoted to the Department.  The student must have earned grades of “A” in Chemistry 1100 in the current academic year.

CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award 

This Award is presented to the undergraduate first-year chemistry student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who has demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and ability in General Chemistry.

Douglas L. Currell Endowed Scholarship 

This award is presented to a Chemistry or Biochemistry major for outstanding classroom performance in biochemistry and one other area of chemistry.  The intent is to encourage students who show promise for interdisciplinary work at the interface of chemistry and biochemistry. 

Katherine Carter Award for Scientific Writing 

The award is given in honor of Katherine Carter, Professor of English, CSULA, who died from breast cancer at age 40.  The endowment came from funds donated in her name by Hendrick Keyzer, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, from his Statewide Outstanding Professor Award.  This award will go to the student who writes the top paper in CHEM 3100 in the current academic year.

Graduate Student Award

This Award is presented to the graduate student in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who has demonstrated the best overall achievement in professional performance, including class work, performance as an instructor in the classroom, and who has demonstrated other substantial contributions to the Department.

Tagawa Scholarship  

This Scholarship is presented to an undergraduate upper division pre-dental student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, and who has financial need.  The Scholarship nominations are submitted to the Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences and final selection of the recipient is by the Tagawa family.

Outstanding Teaching Associate Award  

This award is to acknowledge exceptional performance by a graduate student's teaching in our courses.  The award was proposed by Drs. Selke and Paulson, pictured above at similar points or their careers.

Phoebe K. Dea Scholarship in Analytical Chemistry

This Scholarship is presented to an undergraduate junior or senior in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who has displayed an aptitude for a career in the field of analytical chemistry.

The Student Award in Chemistry. (formerly The Northrop Corporation Scholarship)  

This award was endowed by the Northrop Corporation by a $5,000 donation with the intent to foster  interest in polymers and materials science among our students.  The scholarship is presented to an undergraduate chemistry or biochemistry major who has demonstrated an aptitutde for these areas through their achievement in courses such as general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, or organic chemistry, or though research work.

The Rashad Razouk Award

The Rashad E. Razouk Chemistry Scholarship is intended for an outstanding junior chemistry major who is maintaining a 3.3 GPA.  Preference will be given to students carrying out undergraduate research in physical chemistry.

Richard Keys Scholarship in Chemistry

Scholarship to go to a student who did well in the part of the physical chemistry sequence which covered either spectroscopy or quantum chemistry in the current academic year.

Raymond E. Garcia Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Raymond E. Garcia a professor of biochemistry, who died of cancer on October 5th, 2014. His uncompromising advocacy in support of others, and his 32 years of dedication to faculty and the university at large made him a pillar of the department. This scholarship aims to embody the spirit and legacy of a dear friend and beloved professor. The scholarship is presented to a biochemistry major (undergraduate or master’s student- biochemistry option) in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry who has shown dedication to advancing the sciences through biochemistry research and embody a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, fostering a collegial atmosphere in the laboratory. The awardee should also have the capacity to communicate effectively through oral presentations. Personal essays are also required that will address the following questions: How have you advanced the sciences through biochemistry research? Be sure to mention how you have fostered a spirit of teamwork in the laboratory and effectively communicated science through oral presentations (750 words max). How will this award assist you in achieving your personal and academic aspirations (750 words max)?

Vicki Kubo-Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Qualifications: undergraduate or graduate student(s) who shows potential in pursuit of their degree in chemistry or biochemistry. No min GPA., part-time and full-time students are eligible. One additional essay required.

We are very grateful to our faculty, alumni, and friends who help us celebrate student achievement. If you are interested in supporting our students through an award, please contact the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department. 

How to Apply to Our Scholarships 

(Updated 2/16/21)

The university uses ONE application to match master's and undergraduate students to scholarships. Fill out the university scholarship form using the link below. The form has 15 questions. Among these, you will be asked to:

  • provide any community service or volunteer work (list dates and duties)
  • list any honors and awards
  • provide a personal statement where you describe your academic and career goals (be sure to indicate how your past achievements, challenges/hardships, or family influence has shaped your goals). Also explain how a scholarship can help you achieve your goals (2 pages, double-spaced, max limit)
  • provide a confidential reference or letter of recommendation (ask a professor, from a class where you earned a B or better, or your research advisor).
  • for question 8) where you are asked about Extracurricular involvement at Cal State LA, be sure to mention your work in a research laboratory or include any volunteer service to the community or any activities that emphasize your interest in your career such as pre-health related activities or involvement in student organizations such as the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club, if applicable.
  • for question 11) where you are asked to “Please list any special emphasis and/or studies to your program at Cal State LA,” be sure to mention any research activities.

The deadline is April 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM.  Letters of Recommendation / Reference Letters are also due in April 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM

Apply HERE

For additional information contact the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.