MPA Faculty and Staff

MPA Program Core Faculty

Jessica L. DeShazo, Ph.D. (University of Northern Arizona, 2014)
Associate Professor
Interests: Public Administration, Public Budgeting, Environmental Policy and Politics/Natural Resources Management, Cultural Policy and Administration
Phone: 323-343-2245
Office: E&T A516

Xian Gao, Ph.D. (University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2020)
Assistant Professor
Interests: Digital Government, Collaborative Governance, Smart City, Social Media, Public Policy

Chongmyoung Lee, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University, 2014)
Associate Professor
Interests: Public and Non-Profit Management, Performance Measurement and Management, Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis, Microeconomics and Public Finance, Organizational Studies
Phone: 323-343-2234
Office: E&T A515

Marla Parker, Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014).
Assistant Professor
Interests: Public Management, Public Values, Science and Technology Policy and Higher Education, Diversity and Cultural Competency 
Phone: 323-343-2248
Office: E&T A526

Ellen Shiau, Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 2012)
Associate Professor
Interests: Public Policy, Urban Politics, Civic Engagement, GIS Methods and Analysis
Phone: 323-343-5826
Office: E&T A514

MPA Program Part-Time Faculty

Ashley Atkinson, MPA/MPL (USC)
Planning Performance Manager, City of Los Angeles
Interests: Public Administration, Community and Economic Development

Paul Chang, MSPA (Cal State LA)
Western Regional Human Trafficking Coordinator. U.S. Dept. of Labor
Interests: Public Administration, Collaborative Governance 

Roger Fernandez, MS in Leadership and Management (La Verne University)
Director of Systems, Information Technology Agency, City of Los Angeles
Interests: Technology, and Business Strategies, Processes and Policies

Jane Hansen, MSPA (Cal State LA)
Director of Development, College of the Arts, California State University Long Beach
Interests: Non-Profit Management and Fundraising

David Kietzman, MPA (Cal State LA)
Managing Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Momentum Solutions
Interests: Business Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Project Conceptualization 

Atsuko Sato, Ph.D. (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
Interests: Public Policy, Methodology, Environmental Policy/Politics, Gender Policy/Politics and Global Politics

Kim Williams, Ed.D., Education Leadership (University of California, Davis)
Interests: Public Administration, Organization Theory & Human Behavior, Ethics in Public Administration, Nonprofit Governance and Strategy, Organizational Leadership

MPA Graduate Advisor

Dr. Ellen Shiau
Phone: 323-343-5826
Office: E&T A514