internshipsNews about internships can also be found on our Political Science Department Facebook page and by subscribing to our department mailing list. In addition to departmental announcements, very useful internship information can be obtained directly from elected officeholders (including members of Congress) by contacting their offices.

2018 Campaign Internships

1) Gavin Newsom for Governor Campaign, Internship in Los Angeles Office
2) Los Angeles County Democratic Party. Or contact CSULA POLS alumnus, William Floyd, at

Offered Annually: Los Angeles Superior Court Judicial Internship

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judicial Internship is a unique program that has served Cal State LA students for over three decades. Each year a limited number of highly motivated seniors in any undergraduate major are selected to participate in an internship program conducted by several Los Angeles Superior Court judges. Judicial interns are assigned to a different judge/mentor each term, alternating between criminal and civil courts. Interns gain first-hand familiarity with numerous aspects of the judicial process by observing trials, in-chamber meetings, and other legal proceedings. Through discussions with their judge/mentors, interns gain critical insights into the adversarial system and are exposed to differing jurisprudential perspectives.  Application Form.

Offered Annually: Capital Fellows Program

Administered by CSU Sacramento, but open to graduates of any 4-year university, the Capital Fellows program consists of 18 Assembly Fellows, 18 Senate Fellows, 18 Executive Fellows and 10 Judicial Administration Fellows who receive an outstanding opportunity to engage in public service and prepare for future careers, while actively contributing to the development and implementation of public policy in California. Fellows in each program work for 10 - 11 months, receive health benefits and a monthly stipend of $2,627 and are employees of Sacramento State.University They work as full-time members of a legislative, executive, or judicial branch office, and are typically given assignments with a significant amount of responsibility and challenges. Fellows also enroll as graduate students at Sacramento State and receive graduate units from the Sacramento State Government Department or Public Policy and Administration Program.  The enrollment fees are paid by the programs.


June 2012 BA graduate Samantha Contreras (pictured at left) was selected to receive a California State Assembly Fellowship for the 2012/13 academic year. Political Science graduate Addison Peterson was a Capital Fellow in 2013/14 and another Political Science major, Aaron Chua, was selected for 2014/15.  Earlier, Political Science graduate Henry Castillo served as a fellow in 2010/11.

Application deadlines for the Capital Fellows Program are in early February of each year. General application information can be found at the Capital Fellows Program website. Students who seek to apply should contact a professor in the Political Science Department for further advice. In addition, students should contact Cassidy Zimmerman, Coordinator, National Scholarships, at or (323) 343-5964, or visit her in King Hall D145. Ms. Zimmerman is happy to provide assistance to all students in the preparation of their applications.

Offered Annually: Panetta Institute Congressional Internship

The Panetta Internship "begins with an intensive two-week course at California State University, Monterey Bay with Leon Panetta and other seasoned veterans explaining how the legislative process actually works. Then each intern is assigned to a Capitol Hill office of a member of the California congressional delegation to work for two and a half months." The internship covers all expenses, including lodging in and travel to Washington, D.C. 

chuaRecent Political Science student Aaron Chua (pictured at right), was selected for both the Panetta Internship and Capital Fellows Program. Read Aaron Chua's profile. During the latter half of the program, Chua worked for several months as an intern in the D.C. office of Rep. John Garamendi, whose California district includes Sacramento and Davis. Chua attended briefings, assembled talking points for the congressman, wrote a policy paper on U.S.-China relations and researched water politics in the San Joaquin Valley River Delta.

Application deadlines for the Panetta Internship are in early February of each year. Students who seek to apply should contact a professor in the Political Science Department for further advice. For current information, contact Cassidy Zimmerman, Coordinator, National Scholarships, at or (323) 343-5964, or visit her in King Hall D145. Ms. Zimmerman is happy to provide assistance to all students in the preparation of their applications.

Offered Annually: The Kenneth L. Maddy Legislative Intern Scholar Program

Each year approximately 40 University students are selected as Legislative Scholar-Interns.  Legislative Scholar-Interns are placed on assignment in regional government offices, as well as in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. The Legislative Internship Program provides students with opportunities to develop public leadership skills while gaining practical knowledge of the day-to-day operations of government and the political process. Legislative Scholar-Interns receive academic credit as well as a stipend. Examples of placements include: U.S. Senate and Congressional offices (Capitol and district offices), California Assembly and Senate offices (Capitol and district offices) and the Governor’s Office. Students are selected based on their academic standing to elevate citizen participation and government performance at all levels through leadership training for public service. Application Information

Offered Annually: The James R. Galbraith Fellowship from the Pat Brown Institute

The James R. Galbraith Fellowship is a local public policy fellowship under the supervision of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs. It is endowed by James R. Galbraith. A native of Michigan, Mr. Galbraith was formerly senior vice president of corporate affairs for Hilton Hotels Corporation (1981-1994) and has a professional background in news, government, and corporate affairs. Galbraith Fellows are outstanding undergraduate or graduate students. Student placements are consistent with the Institute’s established Public Policy Internship and Fellowship Program and include a political, business, or community worksite opportunity. Currently, fellowships include a $2,500 stipend. Download Application. Please email to with the subject line, "Galbraith Fellow Email List,” to receive updates and notifications.

Starting in 2017: Cal State DC Scholars Program

Starting in Summer 2017, the CSULA Political Science Department will begin participation in the Cal State DC Scholars Program run by the CSU Fullerton Political Science Department.  The program is described as follows: "Since 2006, the Cal State DC program has offered students opportunities to study and intern in our nation's capital. Through our program students enroll in full-time dcacademic units while interning in Washington. Internships can be with congressional offices, executive agencies, museums, security firms, business groups, political parties, advocacy groups, non-profits, and a variety of other offices in and around Washington, D.C. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students from all majors and CSU campuses are encouraged to apply.  The program is neither partisan nor ideological and welcomes students from all political persuasions." 

For the summer program, students will enroll in two courses through CSU Fullerton Extended Education. Credit for "POSC 402: Cal State DC" at Fullerton can transferred to CSULA to give students credit for "POLS 400: Power and Policy in Washington: Congress and the President" and credit for "HUM 496: Internship" can provide CSULA credit for "POLS 395: Community Service in Political Science."  Thus, students can earn a total of six units from this experience, with the three for POLS 400 directly applicable as a POLS elective and the three for POLS 395 applicable towards the total CSULA graduation unit requirements of 180 units. Total cost for participation in the program, including lodging and airfare, is variable, but should be less than $4,000. Students can apply directly through Cal State DC Scholars website, but should contact Prof. Taylor Dark at to coordinate their application.

Other Internship Programs