Student Profile: Samone Diaz

Meet Liberal Arts Student Samone Diaz

Samone Diaz
A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies major, Samone Diaz has already earned several associates degrees, including one in liberal studies.
"I had always wanted to attend Cal State LA for my bachelor's in administrative justice. But, unfortunately, that program was impacted," says Diaz. "When I saw the opportunity to attend Cal State LA Downtown, I jumped and applied for the liberal studies program and I am so happy that I was accepted."
A resident of Corona, Diaz works as a bartender. She doesn't have a concrete career goal in place but plans to keep her options open.
"I'm focused on obtaining my undergraduate degree and moving towards a master's degree. I am open to all opportunities that I may come across once I have finished my education."
"My experience at Cal State LA Downtown has been amazing! It's become my second home and I am part of a great cohort," continues Diaz. "The liberal studies program is teaching me how to see others and their point of views through multiple lenses. Being an interdisciplinary person will make me a better employee, using multiple views in any situation I might encounter within my career."
April 2017