2019 Cohort


Civil Engineering


Lima, Alfonso

Hello, I’m a Civil Engineering major interested in architecture. I’m good at math and I like drawing so I figured why not become an architect. In my spare time I like to watch anime to relieve some stress, my favorite anime include Bleach, Code Geass and Attack on Titan. I also really enjoy playing soccer when ever I can. I can become competitive when it comes to strategy games and I may sacrifice my humanity if it means winning. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Current)


Rodriguez, Eloy 

I am a Civil Engineering major that is planning to specialize in either Structural or Transportation. When things get rough I choose to sleep because a well rested mind is better than one that is not … at least I tell myself that. Some hobbies of mine include going to gym, hanging out with friends and playing golf on the weekends. A big motivation in my life that pushes me forward is knowing that my mom has done. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Current)


Ussery-Brumfield, Nyle 

My name is Nyle Ussery- Brumfield. I am a sophomore Civil engineering major. I am also a member of the national society of black engineers(NSBE). I commute to school from but you can find me on campus 10-12 hours a day. My hobbies include track&field, work, and homework. I do hang out with friends every now and then, mainly on the weekends. The goal is to work hard enough so that I don’t have to work so hard after school. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Current)

Computer Science


Chung, Sean

Currently, I am a sophomore pursuing a bachelor's in computer science. My hobbies include: watching anime, playing the recorder ( either with my mouth or nose ), playing video games, and studying. My ultimate goal in life is to work outside of the Los Angeles area and live a simple life. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)

Garcia, Ernesto

Garcia, Ernesto

My name is Ernesto and I am a computer science major. I like to try and be a universal person that can do most. I love nature, music, food, and talking. When I get stressed, I like to combine all those to try and destress. I like to try a lot of new things that I think can bring me joy. I value self-care greatly and I try to strive for the ultimate goal of happiness. Computer Science is fun and challenging in a lot of ways. A roller coaster of emotions. In the near future, I hope to work for a fun and great company that deals with software where I can practice doing what I enjoy and be happy. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)


Garibay, Byron

My name is Byron Garibay. I am a Computer Science major. I picked this major at random because it sounded difficult but I honestly love this major. I do not see myself studying anything else. I love the creativity that it allows when solving a problem. Besides CS, I enjoy watching the Overwatch League and playing video games. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)


Huerta, Geovanny 

Hello my name is Geovanny, and I am a Computer Science Major at Cal State LA. My day to day motto is dress professionally, act professionally, and speak professionally. My mental health has improved significantly after applying this motto to my life. Success is not easy, and only a few can reach it. But you got to be hungry for success to obtain it. Before I leave, I have to ask one question. Are you going to be at the top of the mountain? (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)


Lopez De Leon, Jesica

I am Jesica. My major is computer science and my goal is to get a masters degree. I am undecided on what career I want, but I am very interested in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and clean energy. My definition of success is, doing What I enjoy that helps those I love, myself, and contributes to society in a positive way. Life can be stressful but I try to stay positive and live in the present. In my free time I like to spend quality time with friends and family.(Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)

Electrical Engineering


Abelian, Andrea

I am a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering. I like to spend my spare time by watching YouTube videos, drawing, playing instruments, and hanging out with my family. Currently computer engineering seems interesting and is a field I intend on exploring further throughout the rest of my undergraduate career. This year I have also discovered that programming can be fun (despite it being one of the most frustrating things someone could learn) and is something I definitely want to continue learning in the future. ​(Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)

Daniel Del Rio

Del Rio, Daniel

My name is Daniel Del Rio. Working to getting a degree in Electrical Engineering has been very challenging so far, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying this major. I really love to talk about movies with friends. To me there is nothing like a good movie that changes my perspective on aspects of life, and it is better when discussing what we liked and what we didn’t like with a group of friends. My all time favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox. Movies are a way to destress from the mountains of assignments to complete, as well as playing games and going out to eat with friends. It's a great experience being an EE major, and look forward to what the upcoming years have in store for me. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)

David Gonzalez

Gonzalez, David

I am an electrical engineering student with a minor in biomedical engineering. I want to become a R and D engineer so that I can help develop new medical devices or help improve the current ones. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with family, friends, going to old school arcades to play games, and watching live soccer games at stadiums. ​(Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)

David Pacheco

Pacheco, David

I am an Electrical engineering major, and a summer intern at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems. As an Engineering major, I can say I have little to no time to rest. Most of my days consist of either class, homework, Baja SAE, studying for the next Tabrizi exam, or any other academic responsibilities I might have. However, when I do have free time, usually around 11:00pm, I spend it watching only the most top tier of animes including One Punch Man, Dragon Ball Super, Your Lie in April, and Sword Art Online. Even though I know that life as an Engineering student is only going to get harder, I know getting an Engineering degree will all be worth it in the end. As receiving one, is the only thing stopping me from a comfortable financial life. I just need to persevere and dedicate my life in being one with Electrical Engineering. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)

Cesar Remirez

Cesar Ramirez

My name is Cesar Ramirez, I am a first generation student from South Central Los Angeles. Currently, I am a 3rd year undergraduate electrical engineering student planning to specialize in either control systems or computer engineering. I decided to pursue electrical engineering because it is truly amazing how mostly everything used in daily life can be related to electrical engineering such as your car, smartphone, or even the light at home. Throughout my free time I like to spend time with my family the most and occasionally work on cars or play video games.​(Participating Terms: Fall 2020 - Spring 2022)


Trujillo Jr., Victor

My name is Victor Trujillo Jr. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering. I took an interest in this subject when I first dismantle my game controller and saw what made technology possible. I don't know what my path is set for me, but I do have an idea of going towards power or controls. I enjoy reading and research in my free time, gaining new knowledge. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Current)

Mechanical Engineering


Hernandez, Julianna

Hello! I am Julianna Marie Hernandez, but everyone calls me Julie. I am a second-year Mechanical Engineering major and I have a kin interest in Aerospace. My passion for engineering came from my older brother and dad showing me Star Wars at a very young age. When I am not stressing over school, which is almost never, I enjoy spending my free time with my little brother, traveling with family, and going out with friends. When times get tough, I always look towards my mom for motivation, cry a little, drink coffee, and push through it. Despite it all, in the future, I aspire to have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, and eventually a Masters, and work at an Aerospace company designing rockets and robots. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2022)


Martinez, Jimmy

My name is Jimmy Martinez. I am currently a second-year mechanical engineering student. I like to analyze how things function and explore possibilities, but during free time I like to take an adventure and find new opportunities out in the world with friends. I am driven by the respect I have for my professors and their knowledge, I strive to be dependable as they have been with me. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Fall 2021)


Tepanohaya, Marwin

My name is Marwin and I am currently pursing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. One of the main reasons, in why I chose Mechanical was how inefficient some engine and body designs are on certain vehicles. I have an interest in aerospace and have plans to minor in Mathematics. Somethings that I enjoy to do on my spare time is play video games, watch anime or movies, and open electronics. I love my family as they support me when the going gets tough and make life more enjoyable. I can't predict the future, but hopefully everything goes well. (Participating Terms: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)