Course & University Policies

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Reasonable accommodation will be provided to any student who is registered with the Office of Students with Disabilities and requests needed accommodation. For more information visit the Office for Students with Disabilities home page.  

Academic Honesty/Student Conduct

The University in its quest for truth and knowledge embraces honesty and integrity. These fundamental values must not be compromised. The trust and respect among professors, students and the society need to be vigilantly protected. Cheating and plagiarism can be neither justified nor condoned, as this would destroy the ideals and purposes of higher education. Students enter the University to gain the knowledge and tools necessary for participation in society. Academic integrity is one foundation for a society based on trust and honesty. Therefore, the University takes seriously its responsibility for academic honesty.

​More information can be founded: Academic Honesty

Helpful Student Resources

Technical Resources

Information on CSULA technical support resources for students: Technical Support


Student Support Services

Information on CSULA student support resources for students: Student Services  

Academic Support Services

Information on CSULA academic support resources for students: Academic Support  


Canvas Student Support

Information for students on how to be a successful online student and how to use Canvas: Canvas Community Guides for Students | Canvas Student Tour Course