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 2012 Graduation        2012 Professional Practice         2012 Honors Convocation        Career Awareness 2012

   2012 Gradutation                    2012 Professional Practice       2012 Honors Convocation        Career Awareness 2012

   Executives in Residence        2nd Annual Engineer of the Year Awards Gala        2011 ECST Engineering Week         CSULA Mini Baja Competition

   Executives in Residence         2nd Annual Engineer of the      2011 ECST Engineering           CSULA Mini Baja
                                               Year Awards Gala                   Week                                     Competition

   CSULA MicroMouse Region 6 Competition 2011        Center for Energy & Sustainability        Civil Engineering field trip to the Diemer Water Treatment Plant         V.E.S.T.E.D. High School Summer Academy

   CSULA MicroMouse               Center for Energy &                Civil Engineering field trip to      V.E.S.T.E.D. High School
   Region 6 Competition 2011      Sustainability                         the Diemer Water Treatment    Summer Academy

   VESTED Session 1 field trip to JPL July 15th        VESTED Session 2 field trip to JPL Aug 12th        Professional Practice 2011         Professional Practice Expo 2011

   VESTED Session 1 field         VESTED Session 2 field          Professional Practice 2011       Professional Practice Expo
   trip to JPL July 15th                trip to JPL Aug 12th                                                              2011

   Professional Practice 2011 Book        Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2011 (April 16, 2011)        Alumni & Friends: Boeing April 8th, 2011         Summer Transportation Program 2011

   Professional Practice 2011      Shell Eco-Marathon                Alumni & Friends:                    Summer Transportation
   Book                                     Americas 2011 (April 16,         Boeing April 8th, 2011              Program 2011

    Student Orgs @ Corporate Scholars Day       Corporate Scholars Day        Reconnecting with alumni @ SCE         HENNAC Conference 2010

    Student Orgs @ Corporate     Corporate Scholars Day          Reconnecting with alumni         HENNAC Conference 2010
    Scholars Day                                                                     @ SCE


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