Geotech Research Lab

Laboratory Equipment 

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  • Geocomp Cyclic Simple Shear and Direct Residual Shear 
  • Geocomp Cyclic 10K Triaxial Device & Resilient Modulus
  • Gecomp Torsional Shear/Resonant Column Testing 
  • Trautwein 5K Automated Load Frame
  • Trautwein Pressure Panels (3 Positions)
  • Stainless Steel / Aluminum Bender Element Triaxial 2.8" Platens for P- and S-Wave (6 Positions)
  • Aluminum Bender Element Simple Shear 2.5" Platens for P- and S-Wave
  • Acylic Electrical Resistivity Triaxial 2.8" Platens
  • Wykeham Farrance Consolidation Device
  • Wykeham Farrance Ring Shear Device
  • ELE International Lab Vane Shear
  • Vibration Table for Min/Max Density
  • Direct Shear Devices (2 Positions)
  • Complete suite of Soil Index Testing
  • Soil Sample Curing Room 

For inquiries: Please contact Dr. Kwan or Dr. Tufenkjian