Quarter-to-Semester Conversion

      Cal State LA converted from a quarter-system campus to a semester-system campus effective Fall semester 2016.  As a result of this conversion, the requirements for the bachelor of science in mechanical engineering underwent some curricular changes.  Those continuing students who were admitted prior to the semester conversion have the option to continue to complete the quarter-based mechanical engineering program or they may choose to update their requirements to the semester-based program.  This would not affect a students general education requirements, which may also be completed to either the quarter or semester system catalog irrespective of which mechanical engineering requirements they choose. 

      So, what Changed?

     Some courses and laboratories were dropped from the curriculum and some new courses and labs were added. The table below lists these courses and labs.  The important aspect of the dropped/added courses is that Cal State LA and the Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to not extending students' time to graduation as a result of the semester conversion.  In addition to the listed course modifications, the semester-based program reduced the number of technical elective units.  Under the semester curriculum, students are required to complete a minimum of 11 units of electives.  This may be achieved through either taken four lecture courses (for 12 units) or selecting three lectures courses and two laboratory elective units.

Dropped Added
EE 210  Electrical Measurements Lab  (1 unit) ME 2800 Numerical Methods I  (1 unit)
CS 290  Intro to FORTRAN Programming     (2 units) ME 3800 Numerical Methods II (2 units)
ME 310  Technical Writing Laboratory  (1 unit)  ME 3040 Experimental Methods (1 unit) - also meets GE B2/3 semester-based lower division GE requirement.
ME 326B Thermodynamics II - (4 units) - becomes elective course. ME 4140 Machine Design II (3 units)
ENGR 301 Ethics and Professionalism (1 unit) ME 3010 Ethics and Professionalism in Engineering (3 units) - also meets GE C2 semester-based lower division GE requirement.
ENGR 150 - Intro to Higher Education for Engineers (1 unit) ENGR 1500 Introduction to Engineering and Technology (3 units) - meets Lifelong Learning and Civicl Learning requirements for semester-based lower division GE.  Transfer students exempt.
  ME 4310 Material Laboratory (1 unit)
  ENGL 2030 Introduction to Technical Writing (3 units) - meets lower division semester-based GE requirement.