Below you will find a table of available engineering and computer science software licensed by the College of ECST or Cal State LA as well as a table of minimum requirements for each access method.  The software availability table will show four columns that identify the access method the software is available through: a home use license, remote access (Labstats), MyTools (campus application virtualization platform, or Cloud (hosted by software vendor). 

Hardware / Internet Bandwidth Requirements

Software Access Method

Minimum Hardware - Operating System Requirements Minimum Bandwidth Requirements
Home Use License MEDIUM/HIGH depending on software title - Intel Core i3 processor/AMD Ryzen3 1200, Intel HD Integrated Graphics 5300 or Discrete Graphics (NVIDIA/AMD), 4GB of RAM, Windows 10 OS None / Low
Remote Access Tool (Labstats) LOW - Windows 10 OS or Mac OSX At least 1.5 Mbps download
MyTools LOW - Windows 10 OS or Mac OSX

At least 1.5 Mbps download

Cloud LOW - Windows 10 OS, Mac OSX, modern up to date web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari At least 4 Mbps download

Note: You can test your Internet download bandwidth by going to this website:

Home Use License

If Home Use License is available click on the "Yes" link on the corresponding software title for instructions on how to get your Home Use License.  For some software titles you may need to contact your faculty to get license information.  Typically faculty will provide software license information in Canvas for a given course when software is required for the class.

Remote Access (Labstats)

Labstats Remote Access Tool allows you to remotely connect to physical computers located in Cal State LA computer labs allowing to use all the software loaded on the campus computers.  You can use Windows or Mac (requires downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop client from App Store) computers to connect remotely.  For instructions on how to connect remotely using Labstats Remote Access visit the Computer Lab Software WebsiteNOTE: if you can't find the engineering software title you need make sure to connect to one of the computers labs located in the Engineering & Technology building.

MyTools (Virtualized applications)

MyTools delivers software as an on-demand service to Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff. MyTools provides secure access to virtual instances of commonly used software from anywhere, at any time, using a computer, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices with an internet connection. Before you can use MyTools, you need to set up your Windows or Mac device by installing the Parallels Client.  For instructions on how to setup your computer and connect visit the MyTools Website.

Cloud (Vendor hosted)

Some software vendors have a cloud based option that allows you to run their software in the cloud remotely through your web browser or a standalone client.  If a cloud based option is available please click on the "Yes" link in the corresponding software title row to access or register for the cloud based service.

Software Availability Table

Software Title Home Use License Remote Access (Labstats) MyTools (virtualized application) Cloud (vendor hosted)
Solidworks Yes (Contact your faculty for license info) Yes No

Yes, must register by June 30, 2020

Matlab Yes Yes Yes Yes
AutoCAD Yes Yes No No
ArcGIS No Yes Yes No
SPSS Yes (faculty & staff only) Yes Yes No
Mathematica Yes Yes Yes No
Adobe Creative Cloud Yes ($15 for students, free for faculty/staff) Yes Yes No
Microsoft Office Yes (Free for students, $15 for faculty/staff) Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Windows 10

Yes (Free for students, $15 for faculty/staff)

Yes Yes No
MathCAD Yes (Free express version) Yes No No
Maya Yes Yes No No

Yes, must register by June 30, 2020



MasterCAM Yes (Demo/Home Learning Edition) Yes No No

Yes (Contact your faculty for license info)

Yes No No
MSC Patran Yes (Student Version) Yes No No
MSC Nastran

Yes (Student Version)


No No
MSC Adams

Yes (Student Version)

Yes No No
Civil 3D


Yes No No
SAP2000 No Yes Yes No
Cadence (Pspice, OrCAD) No Yes No No

Yes (Contact your faculty for license info)

Yes No No
ANSYS Yes (Temporary during COVID-19, contact your faculty for license info) Yes No No