Program Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives:

  • Purpose: Learn how different engineering and computing tools work together to make the world a better place.
  • Theme: Conduct environmental research using robotics and data science.
  • Activities: Use robots to collect air or water quality data and use Python to analyze the data.
  • Engineering disciplines: Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
    • Civil Engineering: atmosphere and hydrologic research
    • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: robotics design and control
    • Computer Science: data science and machine learning

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate how to sample air or water data
  • List the required data for evaluating air or water quality
  • Conduct simple simulations on air or water quality
  • Program a robot to navigate
  • Use a computer or smart phone to control robots
  • Perform basic Python programming
  • Solve a simple data analysis problem using Python
  • Differentiate between engineering disciplines in the ECST college
  • Share what they learned from visiting engineering speakers
  • Envision themselves as engineering/computer science students and professionals!