EdD Student Testimonials

EdD Student Testimonials


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"The Ed.D. program at CSULA affords opportunities that would not be available at other institutions. I had the chance to learn from executive level administrators and vice presidents on a one-on-one basis. I not only gained a wealth of knowledge from the faculty, but I felt they learned from me too. They are very accepting of diversity, disability, and different cultures. I always felt accepted. I would say to future students that you come in expecting to just receive an education, but you end up leaving with so much more. I felt I gained an extended family."   Dr. David Black


"The Ed.D. program was rigorous and provided me with a high quality educational experience. The professors were absolutely amazing not only for their expertise, but for their commitment and accessibility. I love that the program is in the heart of Los Angeles, central to many educational agencies." Dr. Elizabeth Martinez

"The cohort model with the integration of the three emphases provided us an experience that stretched our ability to understand the complexity of educational issues from diverse perspectives: the administrative level, teaching level, and individual student level. The program challenged my presuppositions about educational problems and reforms, and allowed me to further expand my understanding about the workings of our educational system, and how they might change to ensure strong educational experiences for all students." Dr. Linda Lee


"Receiving a doctoral degree, for me, will be an achievement of a lifetime, realizing that when my dissertation finally gets done this semester that I will be trying to make a difference in the world. Throughout my time in the Ed.D program, my eyes have been opened to the need for change in education, and I learned a lot about myself and others along the way as well. I have been humbled and grateful for this life changing experience! In my opinion, CSULA’s Ed.D program is the best leadership and community-based research program available to students in the Los Angeles area. I took the idea of being a life-long learner to heart and I know that CSULA’s doctoral program has been the best choice for me." Dr. Eddie Lopez


“I’ve completed two Master’s programs BUT the EdD program was by far the most useful, collaborative, intensive, and most practical for students that already hold full time jobs. The scheduling of weekly courses combine with weekend and on-line courses makes it feasible to finish the program on time. If I had to apply to an EdD program once again, I would not hesitate to choose the CSULA EdD program." Dr. Frances Valadez


"The CSULA Ed.D program was an amazing experience as it pushed my professional, academic, and personal limits to new heights. The curriculum is well-rounded with plenty of room for exploration into other fields. My personal topic also involved new insights into my life as a teacher and expanded my abilities to conduct research to see through various perspectives on a variety of issues. This program is rigorous and academically demanding. Working full-time while attending any Ed.D program is stressful for any potential candidate to contemplate, personally, and with their loved ones. Thankfully, I found my cohort family who helped me through the program along with a supportive faculty. My current interests involve teacher self efficacy, collective teacher efficacy and the role of technology within these concepts." Dr. Michael Hsin-Cheng Sheu


"The EdD program helped me to grow as an educator and become a part of the conversation. There are many student's needs not being addressed on high school scores. The EdD program helped me to gain a deeper understanding of some foundational issues. I strongly believe it helped me to become a changed agent on my campus." Dr. Marisa Meyka


"The EdD program trained me to be a transformative school leader. Completing this program has provided me with opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally. I've learned how to analyze school issues from multiple lenses and create systemic solutions that can be enacted promptly to meet the complex, ever-changing needs of my campus and community. The practitioner based approach to teaching and learning that is emphasized in the CSULA Ed.D. program truly prepared me engage in this work!" Dr. Shalene Wright


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